Posted by : RioZee Monday, April 17, 2017

I chanced to see the latest Lufthansa advertisement with "MoreIndianThanYouThink" and my mind revered into the past.

 I was amazed, bedazzled, walking the streets, in a small village in America with my son. I saw a board "Garage Sale" and having never seen such a thing in India, out of curiosity, we both walked towards the guiding arrow. There were a variety of household goods up on display, and a man in his fifties was seated upon a chair. A bicycle caught my attention and I thought this would come handy in commuting and asked the gentleman the price. He said 15 dollars and out of reflex I said 10 dollars. This gentleman smiled at me and asked me if I hailed from India. He gave the bike for 10 $ and it was a real steal at that price because the lock that I had to purchase for that bike was 15 $. 150% more than the cost of the bike. This gentleman was a great fan of Shashi Kapoor, as he confided in me and we had a long chat that day. What pained me most that this gentleman was selling all his household stuff and house as well and planned to move to some other town on and a struggle phase was set before him. 

Bargain is in our veins and no matter what we do find ways of discounts. Getting things at our reduced price has the extra charm and zing. 

Then in Newyork I had entered a chinese shop which had a closure sale board hanging and all goods displayed were priced at 80% discount. After my hours of deliberations I chose one big crystal showpiece and went to the counter to pay the money. I couldn't dare bargain here as already the price was low. At the counter the lady asked me to pay an extra amount of tax and hearing that I just chose to forego the purchase. The China man saw that I was leaving, came upto me and asked if I was from India, and I proudly nodded in affirmative. He scolded his employee and said to give the goods without tax. More than the savings, the enjoyment of having things at great discount pacifies the mind and infact it is #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

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