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This is me, #MoreIndianThanYouCanImagine, surfing channels after a strenuous day.
Being more Indian it is my inborn instinct to look through the advertisements by companies to search freebies and cheaper alternatives they throw upon us and I had certainly become #MoreEnlightenedThanYouCanImagine over the years of absorbing all the advertising that had gone inside the brain cells. 

#MoreIndianThanYouThink, tag line advertisement of Lufthansa caught my attention. Having travelled long hours, and by now slowly perfected meals order days before boarding the flight, got my mind thinking. I had come to know in due course that fish was a vegetarian dish unless specified as Asian vegetarian. I lauded the sincere efforts of Lufthansa for thinking Indian

My thoughts went on to the airline providing cheap airfare (name of airline withheld, but can be provided upon personal request.) but charging for the use of lavatory. My Indian friend had been caught by the instinct to save money and had boarded the flight. Plane took off after a delay of four hours and he used the lavatory four times before the takeoff and somehow withheld the urge of eating so as to avoid more pooping and end up paying more. Not to mention how his heart was at full attention to sustain any roller coaster swings that ensued, with seat belt tightly fastened all along the journey that seemed to take an eternity. At last, as he disembarked the plane, he had been transformed completely. He had understood the value of life and never had his prayers come sincerely from heart, but now his heart had learnt better communication skills with the God almighty. 

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