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Kyaa aapke paint me jaan hai

Kyaa aapke paint me jaan hai ( is their life in your paint) I was asked this ridiculous question as I was proudly showing off my newly painted house to visitors. The paint was indeed lively, and since morning everyone had praised my choice of colors
and brand etc. 

This lunatic had sent my mind reeling, "what the heck do you mean by that? How the hell can there be life in a paint? 

He had said smilingly, "brother, don't be offended, but there has been a breakthrough innovation in paint industry and not only there is life in paint, but that paint purifies the surrounding air as well. It is a latest launch by the leader in paint industry, Asian paints, by the brand name "Royal Atmos."

His words came as a great shock to me. How could it be possible? Will it do away the need of air purifiers. How could I have missed such a thing. I needed to know how this was possible in the first place, or just a gimmick. 

This age of google had made my task easy and though the gentleman had left me, he had put me on a great search task. Search for life in the paint, Royal Atmos and if the facts supported the claims, I needed my rooms to be breathing pure air and not nauseating the nose. My search showed that they had some activated carbon technology which made the air fresher and filtered the air pollutants like formaldehyde etc.

Another bonus was a fresh room freshener smell emitting chemical that had been ingredient of the paint and one of the best washable paint as well.

I knew I had to completely revamp the room paints as soon as possible.  

I found a great online shop portal of Asian paints company as well. 

Here I could order an expert and great new design avenues as well, like wall stickers etc. for kids room as well. 

After having done with the paint change and the real great lively feeling, what a nice refreshing sleep I had. 

I was soon in another realm of dreams. I saw yamaraj, scolding the yamdoot vehemently. "The person you have brought is not the one I sent for."

Yamdoot, "the person had some new technology on walls such that his breath was getting real fresh energy no matter what, and then I found this nut, who had smoked his lungs out and before I could do something, his lungs had collapsed and I thought this fresh air guy could enjoy this person's left life span. So I reeled him in. I awakened with a startling thought. Although it was a dream, I just chuckled at the growing innovations that humanity was going to see in the future years to come.

I am giving a snapshot of some features for friends to see for themselves.

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