Posted by : RioZee Monday, September 11, 2017

Friends, Grand welcome to VOW and BNLF.  I know you all maybe wondering who is behind this mask of tyrannosaurus . Is it the real RioZee or someone else. 

Well! You have to keep guessing. This extinct species that I represent here at VOW, is billions of years old. A lot before the word was invented. It is right that the power of words has fire in them but we tyrannosauruses had fire in our bellies and we fought each other ferociously burning everything with our fire. We didn't have ice to cool things, but words have the power of fire as well as ice. They can burn away humanity into extinction thousands of times and nurture and nourish it to make it a heavenly abode. 

This is valley of words and blogging has made the power of words go into the hands of masses. No matter which platform the word adorns, let us pledge to utilize every power of word to undo all the hatred and divides that is burning the humanity. It is not too late. Awaken now or be ready to be extinct like us. 

With a note of thanks I would like to take leave. Keep writing to awaken people from slumber. Never ever use the power of word to hurt and burn people. It is an irony that big media houses are seen jumping japaang jumping with the power of word fire and just for small monetary gains lead the masses into killing for their causes. I want to take this platform as opportunity to stir you all to shun these venom throwers with the supreme ice of the word. They are minuscule in front of the word power vested in each of us. A beginning has to be made. Let this platform hone up the ice in you to pacify the fire relinquishing the humanity. 


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