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I am writing this in the revered Shoes Of Respected Nehru ji , right guess friends, Our Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji. I took the oath to lead India to highest acceleons as the first Prime Minister and the first very day I am aware that it is not an easy cup of cake. Mentally I feel the expectation and challenges ahead are going to be really crucial. 

I see the enormity of different religions and expectations of all factions to be governed by their cultural beliefs. 

My first point of rule would be announced explicitly and for all to obey. I say obey because if we need peace and harmony, we have to obey common set of rules. These set of rules will be decided judiciously on humanitarian grounds and offenders will be persecuted with stern resolve. Those who feel they want to be governed like British law or Russian or Chinese law will be requested to migrate to that country.

I would see that all citizens of present India given Identity cards and boundaries of present India be tightly secured by proper barricading. Infiltration into India would be practically impossible. Strenuous checking of legal citizens will be extensively carried on and infiltrators and mischief mongers thrown behind bars.

After this consensus first point of rule will be to limit every one to father two children at the most. These families will only benefit government subsidies and reservations in govt. jobs. Violators will be taxed an extra child tax. This tax will increase with the increase in number of children.

Second rule will be for every citizen to be to contribute voluntarily for infrastructure development. We will not levy any word of tax on our citizens. 

Every locality shall choose five learned people to solve petty issues and those five will prioritize and issues of common interest. They will receive certificate of honor and funds to facilitate social work from government. They will be backbone of our development process.

Since this is the start, any minor mistake would take the form of cancer for centuries to come. I, in my solemn authority abide and honor the boundary of my country and expect other adjoining neighbor nations of the same. Any eye questioning and litigating the boundary will be extracted. Any nation supporting them shall be our sworn enemy. We are strong and neither try to gain an inch of neighbor territory nor loose a millimeter of land.

The education of each child is hereby made compulsory, and free, and will be counted in first duty of the five people of that locality to see it implemented. These educated children will be the main backbone behind developing a strong united India.

With the sincere hopes of seeing our nation to become the world leader in my lifetime I will be personally visiting each Panchayat Locality and present the each Fives the certificate of honor, the Bharat Ratna with my own hands. 

I think you all have had enough for the day. Now I slowly take off my honorable shoes and without making a sound lock them in the safe. I am worried now that the world knows about my revered shoes, I am at risk of being robbed.

I have to seek z level security from Government for my, sorry revered Nehru Ji's shoes  now.

This post has been inspired by  Indispire, IndiBlogger

Put yourself in the shoes of any historical figure, and describe at least one thing you would do differently. #RewriteHistory

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  1. Find your doing away with taxes very interesting. While I agree its a good thing to do, I am scared what will happen .. see, even when there are laws, folks are evading taxes. If its left to voluntary, until things settle down, coffers may be empty :(

    1. Folks evade taxes, pay double to taxing authorites. Bribery, bhrashtachar all germinate due to one such thing. Collection expenditures expended are also in millions.


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