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Nothing could be more serious. I was seriously engrossed in writing a winning post, and this email shattered the flow of thoughts. It said "we are serious". The deadline started haunting upon the mind and what the hell, mind too threw in the towel, saying, leave me alone on this. 

What is happening with me? I was never this serious to write a post. It all came easily, without much effort. This time mind having deserted me, I stood dumb faced with no clue as to what the post should entail. 

In all seriousness, first and foremost task at hand looked to be, to somehow  lure the mind to take it easy and cooperate with me. Thought of luring Five Star flashed and mind seemed to start caving in. Greedy fellow since childhood, now at the age of 50, still going all bonkers over the slight mention of the word Five Star.

How I wished to teach my mind the rewards of perseverance, discipline, abstinence, faith etc. but ....,

Here lay before me The Five Star, complete lure to the mind to push in serious, yet funny story and I was witnessing another trouble. Mind wanted a bite on it first to pacify it's reflexes but I was adamant. Nothing doing, first I get my mind riveting, serious as serious could be and more funny than the funniest,then it could have it's munches at leisure, but I wasn't getting anything positive still.

I looked at the mind and seeing the pathetic yearn for the bite, I thought it better to let it have it's way and pacify itself before intiating upon the herculean task, in all goddamn seriousness.

Mind having savored one yummy bite upon the yummy yummy Five Star bar, gave a pleasing grunt and started throwing in serious feelers. "The most serious person in the world "you are" my master, it said with a look of grave seriousness."You remember the way you slipped on the banana peel and everyone was laughing like crazy and not to mention your dear Mrs. who could have choked upon her own breath laughing like a maniac, but you are the serious unlucky one master, she somehow regained posture by some oxygen pushing inside her collapsing lungs and the pitiful serene serious look on your face I can never forget in my life. Your fall could have been a boon of eternal peace but how lucky you are my master."

Remembering the sheepish day, I just motioned the mind to bring in more deadly serious episode. This was serious but didn't look serious enough for the judges. 

Again the mind tried another twist, remember master, the day I was warning you the branches of tree cannot take your weight now, you have grown too fatty, but you neglected me and climbed it and proudly said that you are still slim and that very moment the branch couldn't take it anymore and you fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

How could I forget that sinister moment? It was all imbibed upon my heart and soul. What a fool I looked myself to be. This Five Star had started working sinisterly upon my mind. The ad."Pita ji ki Patloon ek bilang choti kar do" came flashing. What had I done to my mind. Given it fodder to forget more serious matters of the world to focus on making a serious pun of me. I needed to slap the mind for it's over indulgence and concentrate upon more serious charecter. But mind had it's own agenda to ruin me in all seriousness. It began, master, remember, the two pans which had got stuck and your wife asked you to seperate them, and I had warned you to get it done by a qualified person for the job, but you had plunged in to seperate it that instant, and seriously, you were an awe master, within seconds the pans were seperated, but before you could celebrate your victory, one seperated pan had flung and got stuck on your head. Now your dear Mrs. could have choked upon her own breath instigated by sinister laughing bouts but God too enjoys his pranks on you. You didn't give in the sheepish smile even that time, because you were worried of your hair, they would come out with the pan as well. Now you seeked professioal help of Dr. and remember  how Dr. Did not laugh but the nurse laughed heartily seeing your head.

Now this was getting more serious affair than I dreaded. I feverishly asked my mind can't it remember something praiseworthy of me for the world to be in awe of me. 

Sure master, mind chuckled, always at your service, sire, you are braver than the bravest on earth. You did the bravest of acts of getting married, I must say. I like being flattered and my mind was doing just that. It's not that I am not brave, but sometimes one needs such pills to accomplish higher goals. 

Mind was looking forward for another bite on the Five Star bar and I nodded approval heartily after hearing such commending words of honor. Having had the go at it my mind continued. Master, I seriously admonish weaklings marrying in haste and then going all bonkers. The gut test of obeying commands without hitches ought to be one and only criteria before any man tries to marry. The unflinching resolve of steel that I see in you my master, I think I can say without doubt, you are a role model. Beaming in the exuberance of my praises I knew I had to offer my mind another Five Star, after all it was the mind of a great Married man. And I was really serious this time.

This post is inspired by and written for a contest at Indiblogger, here is their link friends.

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  1. I see some changes in the template! :)
    5 star has turned pretty magical in your case :P

    1. Thanks Canary, you are the first one to comment after changes in template. I needed a change seriously. thanks again.

  2. Awesome psychological experiments with 5 star, Rio. You definitely deserve to win for bringing out such a wonderful facet of the product that even the company people may not have not about.

    1. Thanks tonns @The Fool, I somehow managed on this serious issue, lets see if it hit's the nail. Competition is tough.

  3. My bar talks to me as well ,
    Once inside the wrapper it begs to be eaten.
    And once inside me it says ; am going straight to your hips :(
    Different take ,
    All the best !

    1. hehehe, before that it dilutes the mind, then it may be playing hip hop, Thanks tonns for the comments.


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