Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its been 46 wonderful years that have passed away,I sit relaxed,laptop on my lap to jot down what ever comes to mind,raw,unedited,irrespective of grammatical errors.
Its 13th day of April 2010,time19.19 in India.
I am all alone in house,thinking of my acheivements,and I find all very miniscule.
Mind wanders,life's uncertainties,try to find a place in the head.
As I deeply look into myself,since no body to disturb the peace except my own mind.
Suddenly sloka of Ashtawakra Mahageeta comes flooding to my mind
"Yadi dehan prithakkritya,chiti vishramya tishthasi,
Adhunaiva sukhi shantah, baddha mukto bhavishyasi.
meaning: If one seperates conscious from body and put consciousness to deep eternal rest,immediately he will feel happiness,peace,harmony,and above all he will be FREE .
Its one of the sloka of the ten slokas, which great Saint Ashtavakra had said to Lord Janaka, and as the story goes Lord Janaka attained salvation hearing the tenth sloka.
Tonight I feel I shall try to dwell upon this sloka very deeply, as far as I can go.

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