Posted by : RioZee Friday, October 22, 2010

Yoga , a science, an ancient science of the east. the most nice part of it is that, it is a science , not a relegion.
No wars can be fought for it.
My MusingsI wish to throw light on a lost feat in the yoga,  "Levitation" a way in Khechari mudra, the yogi's seat defies gravity and the Yogi is lifted off the ground.
In the year 1936, A south indian yogi sri S. Pullavar, showed this feat infront of a great audience. This event was seen and picturized by an illustrated London News Reporter Mr. P.T.Plunkett and was published in headlines in London news. Mr. Plunkett conformed of absense of any tricking by passing a stick over, under and around the body.   

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