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I, a frequent traveller, wish to narrate a unique saga, which I came across, during my brief stay at Ahmedabad recently.
My host, told me about his early childhood, which I simply could not believe my ears. He said that he had knowledge of his past life till the age of 5 years. He had been born in Muzaffarpur, Bihar.Since he doesn't remember anything now, he recalls only what his mother and father told him about the things he told as a child. He used to call his wife as Dulhin and was desperate to go to Kolkata, the place of his previous life. He said on one occasion he sat on a  rickshaw, and told him to take him to dulhin in Kolkata and  he would reward him immensely. He had died in an aeroplane mishap. He used to ridicule  his mother  of small wardrobe, and tell of his ward robe to be the size of room, with lavish suits and saree's collection. His mother and father were afraid to take him to Kolkata then, as they doubted,they would lose their child.
Now in another remarkable twist to this tale, this man's eldor daughter,as a child also remembered her past, and at the age of one and a half years, when she started speaking,called his father as her "Munnu" and her mother as bahu,.
She could remarkably cite relations like an old lady. On one occasion,while suffering from cold, addressed her grand mother as Bahin, give milk with Haldi. She was given small amount. Later she said to her grand mother, Bahin, you have saved me.
While travelling in train on one occasion,while her father was getting down from upper berth, she stood with outstretched small hands," Munnu, Gir jaayega, sambhaal ke".
My host said that he had consulted doctors too. They said ,her mind is stuck somewhere and will be okay with age.
He took her to Kolkata, and roamed around in trams etc.for one or two days. Then she became a normal child.
I have not disclosed my host's name here for privacy reasons,.but I am writing this here with his explicit approval.

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