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My body clock woke me up as usual, it was 5 am. Sleepily I walked to the door, opened the gate, picked up the newspaper bunch and sat down relaxingly on the sofa. My eyes scanned the headlines first.  My head reeled as my eyes stuck on, 300 Air tickets for Singapore up and down only for 2000 rupees, by Singapore Airlines on a first come first served basis.
Immediately I phoned my travel agent and got two tickets for Singapore. This was a God sent trip for a measly man of my stature. My wife, excited, started building plans and plans and plans. I thought of only one thing, Enjoyment. I unfortunately or fortunately belonged to that struggling class of people. Always on the move, full of duties towards the business, as well as, schooling of kids, and unending family demands.
I could have never dreamt of excursions and leisure trips. This had been thrust upon me by some unknown divine force and like a puppet off I was driven on to be seated on the Singapore Airlines along with my dear wife. Till then all my trips had been either business related or related to children’s school. 
Here I was, destined to a pleasure tour first time in my life. Our excitement knew no bounds. My wife knew very little broken English. She was afraid she would get lost in a foreign land, so she had clutched my hand very tightly everywhere lest she would be left wandering.
Here I was, trying to squeeze out every pleasure out of my 4000 rupees that I had spent. I knew that there were cheap hotels in Little India, so took a metro for Little India. There, I was able to bargain a room for the night for 30 $, with complimentary breakfast. While reading the newspaper of Singapore, I came across a throw away deal for “Star cruize Superstar Virgo” going the next day. I planned with my wife and booked seat to sail the next day. I didn’t know where my luck was leading to.
We reached the deck one hour before the stipulated time. Oh!  What a grand red carpet welcome we had and my heart wobbled when a juicy model kissed me on the cheek while boarding the eloquent ship. This was just like a paradise visited.
All words fall short of the delicious grand rendezvous savored by me and my wife.
I can say with authority of a blunt head “ IF THERE IS HEAVEN, IT’S HERE, ITS HERE IT’S HERE.
Oh!  My , The unending celebrations every hour, every moment cherished. The  great many friends I made and enjoyed with. I never knew that time that one friend with whom I had  enjoyed and enjoyed only, was going to bring  a great turnaround in  my business as well.
Well that’s another story. I landed back along with my wife of course, at Kolkata Dumdum airport with a heavy heart that such a wonderful episode had come to an end. Why does this happen, I ask to myself at times now, that great times fly away in seconds.
My Musings
Since then till date, daily the same old routine goes on, but now with my wife too on the toes, vigilant and eager but Alas! Behold thou gracious offer, where is thy sting.  

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