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Time to think.



Prices hitting the roof.

Friends had warned me to buy diesel car but I proudly took home a petrol one.

But it's time now to think seriously. I cannot see my whole earnings drained just by the fuel.

I remember our hon'ble primeminister (now) but back in 1993, the finance minister Shri Manmohan Singh Ji. He was presenting the budget speech to save the nation's bankrupt coffers. I had been all ears, lest not miss any single word.

He began with a nice sher : lamhe ne galti ki, sazaa, sadiyon ne paayi. ( a second had done a mistake but was repented by generations.)

I could see my mistake clearly now as all family coffers had reached the point where our hon'ble finance minister had taken charge. There was no point in repenting.

It was time to think" now or never"

Solutions. Solutions. Solutions.

I praise hon'ble Manmohan Singh Ji for not levying a service tax on thinking.

I should think my heart out before he gets the idea of how much revenue could have been garnered. Especially foreigners could be taxed heavily in dollars.

But I can think freely now.

I could have bought a new car from the amount saved by just one decision:-   diesel over petrol.

My vision was clear.

I couldn't tolerate any petrol now. I could imagine the fine balance in the budget.

But since there was no tax on thinking I wanted no hidden turmoils.

I wanted the best of the best.

After strenuous hours research I had found the latest of the latest in diesel engines, the multijet engine car by the leading, experienced, and  innovative car makers. "The Fiat".

This innovation had eliminated all shortcomings faced by diesel engines.

I marveled at my find and thanked the research wings of Fiat whose sincere efforts led to balancing of my family budget.

With the heavy burden of petrol off my back, I suddenly felt a lot lighter in head and heart.

There was no time to lose. It was action time now.

I shouted loudly Fiat - Diesel - Action

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