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My tale is endless, or endless is my tale. On the cruise ship, we again having munched the delicacies offered, we went to play Bingo. Getting full house within 40 calls and one could win 38000$, a very lucrative amount. A newly married Sardar Ji was sitting next to us. As is natural of a sardar, he was daring and jovial. On the thirty-eighth call he shouted bingo and stood up. We and the entire stadium was looking at him. The lady announcing, also stood agape.
Organizers thinking, how could this have happen. There has been some mistake in computer system. Sardar Ji laughing said, bingo abhi nahi hua Ji . Everyone was relieved. Sardarji said to me' dekha, sabke paseene nikaal diye. I admired his spontaneous attitude. No one won it. Then the fight was for a consolation prize of around 200$, which a lady won, and game was concluded. We all tore our tickets in disgust. I asked sardar Ji , if he had married for love, or was it an arranged one. Sardarji, proudly narrated his heroic tale, how he had dared to face the girl's father. How he had told him bluntly, that either marry us,  or we will marry in court. Then said " arrey pyaar kiya tha, to ye daddy Ji se pooch ke thode na kiyaa yaar. Humne  pyaar kiya, to aise hi thode na chadd denge apni sohni kudi noo. His mate was a real stunning beauty. She said for the first time catching her husbands hand, " ho tussi great ho ji, twaadi issi aada pe to main mar gayi Han  " I  complimented him for his dare. Suddenly his mobile rang. He started conversing with the person. He said loudly to the person, hoye, we will meet at Sydney stadium. I will be wearing a tri colour turban. Now my son started talking to sardar Ji about the game of cricket. He was a great fan of Sachin. This way the time went on. We parted with a bonding as if we were old buddies. 
Next morning our ship stopped around five kilometers before the Fuket port. We were taken to the port by another ferry boat. Sardarji, our new buddy, was alongside us. Seeing the superb water scooters, at the beach, sardarji excitedly stated he would take scooter ride and take a tour around the super star Virgo on the scooter and come. I told sardar Ji to chill, I warned him of the distance to be very far and what if the oil in the scooter was finished. He said " haan yaar, ek baar main phans Gaya thaa, door samandar me', chotta sa scooter hor lahren aise hila rahi thi, jaise mainu dubaa dengi. Wo tho bhala ho rescue team waalon kaa, raat 8 baje mainu bacha ke laaye. 
I pitied the sardarni now. She adamantly said to him, no scooter ride for you. Pata ni tussi mood me' aa jauge to kitthe Singapore nikal jaaoge scooter pe. I knew he could do anything. 
We took a taxi to roam around fuket, to, elephant ride, then the cashenut factory, where we were free to eat any amount of fresh cashewnut preparations and buy as per taste. We ate and bought some great nut preparations. Then we went to a souvenir selling shop and bought some gifts for friends. Then having roamed around we came to the beach to enjoy the beach. Atlast the time was nearing for ship departure and we headed for the ship with fond memories of fuket.

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  1. Interesting experience, PL. Congrats on the consolation prize.

  2. Thanks @the fool, lucky to get it.


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