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Modern health care system is getting more and more better with every passing day.

Innovations and researches are on, since ages to save lives and make life healthier.

I remember Geber, the famous ancient scientist, saying, " one who doesn't experiment, gains nothing in life".

It is due to their experiments, and continuing advances that we see a man with chronic rheumatism, walking painlessly at the age of 70.

A lot more awareness is needed to make full use of advancents in disease therapies.
How can I forget the scientist Dr. Jonas Salk, who discovered polio vaccine and didnot patent it, so that it can be given to the world at lowest possible rate to have a polio free world. My sincere salutations.

In ancient China, there was a system prevailing, that each house in village gave fixed monthly contribution to the village doctor, even when they didnot take any medicine from him. It was doctors duty that in time of any illness, he would have to give free medicine to the sufferer.

The salient feature of this system that I liked is that doctor tried his best that no one gets illl, so that he doesnt have to give medicines.

Two friends met after many years and one enquired how was his son's clinic running.

He said with pride," great dude, you see, in the beginning, he detained his patients for long stretches of time and checked them thoroughly, but now, there is so much rush and his hospital is so overcrowded that he sends most of them away, saying that they are perfectly fine.

This way the life moves on.

I see the complete health check up packages offered at great discounts to be very economical and useful for masses, as any disease if detected in primary stage, can be dealt with easily.

A lot has changed and continuously we are progressing into a better healthy society with more and more break through wonders in health treatments.

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