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Knowledge is great, we hear quite often and shrug off our shoulders and continue with set routine of life.
As a child I remember myself touching an enticing burning red hot coal and gaining the great knowledge of the power inherent in it. 
We are humans and we mostly learn the lessons by burning our own very hands.

Chanakya has rightly said,"one should learn from experiences of others. This lifetime is too short for experiencing all on ourselves to learn." 

Now, having experienced 50 years on this great planet earth, as I approach further, my desire of intricate knowledge in the field of Gemmology lurks in me and grows stronger by each passing day. 
Though I studied gemmology diploma course in Mumbai, and gained by the knowledge immensely but acquiring more specialized knowledge from one of the top leading institutes of the world, Gem A, of U.K. is one thing I crave earnestly. 
The degree of FGA is foremost on my mind.
I remember my graduation days in 1984, when study was just a goal to get the degree. Now having toiled and gained in the experience, the practical approach has set in and from inner most core of my heart. I understand the value of knowledge. I myself never knew a simple stone could be worth millions. 
A simple stone could be a meteorite, a  Demantoid garnet, fetching millions.
The value of this study that I am talking about can never be counted in terms of money. It is a precious gift. 
I recall an ancient story that I heard of sometime back. 
A re-knowned diamond trader died and the widow called upon a diamond trader friend of her husband in distress. 
Her son was a teenager still and she showed him the precious diamonds he had kept in the safe to fetch some money to continue a standard living. 
The trader saw the diamonds and advised her to keep them back in the safe with care and send her son to his office and he would perfect him in the diamond trade. He saw those stones to be fake worth nil value and saw no point in breaking the hard news on her. 
He agreed upon a stipend as well till he would work in his office and gain knowledge. Within a small span of time, her son gained the knowledge of stones and their trade and started in business with the guardian help of a nice man. One day when he was established jeweller, he opened the safe and saw for himself the diamonds to be fake and laughed it off. as he was well settled now to worry over them. 
The point is that knowledge paved the way to success and remove the chaff.
There is a saying, "If you teach your son, you teach your son's son as well."
I find this saying very appropriate and applied my previous learning skills to teach my son. He will be completing Bsc. Statistics honors, from Hindu College, Delhi University, in May this year. To pursue his further masters degree I wish him to do Msc.Actuarial science course from Cass School of business, City College London. 
I have completed his application process as well. This course will give him the intricate insight of risk management at global level under the guidance of world's most reknowned teaching faculty. 

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Knowledge is Great


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