Posted by : RioZee Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Khul jaye bachpan. The world is changing and with the advent of newest tech gadgets children of today are way more informed and inquisitive than the era bygone. No parent can think of fooling their children into eating sour things and give weird health excuses. They know, and they know their rights as well. Gone are the days my dear friends, meaning older dear parent friends. I remember a case where an Indian in America, when tried to show what discipline was with a beating, was warned by his son of police case on him. This foolish parent had brought back his son to India and started beating him at the airport itself, beckoning him to call the police now. I don't know how true this story is, but I had heard of it from someone reliable. To cut the long story short, some parents go to any extent for their whims but is it worth it. 

I remember having a chat with a child and he confessed to having thoughts of running away from home just because his mother was always pestering him to drink sour veggie soups. Now, why can't parents realize their foolish whims and create a friendly environment before it's too late to repent. They buy them smart phones and they are really smart. They are nex gen kids and a slight mistake can ruin and jeopardize and start building a rift in their lives. 

As Chanakya has said rightly, " a person should learn from mistakes of others, learning from their own may take a lifetime to learn."  So prudent parents learn from seeing the happening around the world and amend their attitude. 

Many children not only get get smart phones but are blessed with smarter parents, smart enough to build the inquisitive minds of their children to their full potential such that the koan "khul jaaye bachpan" really opens up for them. "Are we ready smart parents?" 

Yes, sure sure, we are the smart ones.

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