Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, November 10, 2015

As a fellow citizen I am tolerable, and I can say this with pride. What I cannot tolerate is the attack on innocent civilians under the garb of good terrorism initiated from the ground of neighboring country. 

Yes I cannot tolerate lynching of innocent citizens, be they of any religion. Giving religious names to acts of crime weakens the entire fight on terrorism. To make this nation of mine a great basket of all religious faiths to thrive, we utterly need to have stringent law to curb naming of religion in crime. No person whatsoever should be allowed to name any act of crime with religion. They should be converted into just numbers. 

We saw naming the sikh person in act of crime, a strong innocent massacre on streets of sikhs, which could have been avoided by naming the religion. 

Nipping in the bud should be the motto, not disturbing communal harmony by saying over and over on media and creating more and more terrorists. 

A crime should be dealt as a crime and should be uppermost in the agenda of Law enforcement authorities. The more our Police is active in pushing culprits behind bars and names of culprits should always be just numbers and not names with their religious background.

Political brains need these disputes and our country should bring up legislation to kill the misuse of these acts of crime for their benefits. It is really high time we demanded strict action with clear insights and without these the enemy across borders will keep on flourishing their game plans by using our very own citizens into their agenda of killing innocent people.

Come on media, wake up.

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