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City: Pataliputra ( modern Patna )
State : Magadh (modern Bihar)

Myself: The King Chandragupta 
               ( Modern   Rio De La Sciocco)

Rio sat thinking at the passage of time from the era of Golden Bird whence the fiery zeal that had taken to knit the great empire and run smoothly. The great seats of learning where people from all over the world came to acquire knowledge. 

The vision: The proper vision in necessary in all spheres of life and the way politics runs around all vision looks to be in shambles. Task at hand lay in design of city. Modern Patna looked hopeful of my finding best solution for it's woes. Mind reverted back to Nero, the king of Rome, who had gotten the whole city burnt down purposely to redesign and build a marvelous city. The folklore too goes to this day that "Rome was burning and Nero was playing music on flute."

I too needed to make a history repetition and burn down and redesign. A tough call it seemed but I was RioDeLaSciocco, the ultimate King of era bygone and my priorities were all set in my mind. This being a flood zone as well as earthquake zone all caution was needed in design. Town had to be raised in considerable height as well as all houses needed earthquake resistance structure. Sewage system too needed meticulously designed structure. 

Road design: Road was to be networked in such a manner that it would have highway type six lane road and proper exits going into blocks of townships. Cycling would be encouraged and have proper barricaded short cut routes for Bicycle commuters. A person could flaunt his prized car but to go one kilometer he would have to take proper exit and hit the network of this intricately designed road and reach his destination enjoying his drive. Roads properly barricaded so that no stray animals could play a spoiler and cause damage. One lane would be for super speeders and no ordinary car would be allowed to ply in the town itself.  All ultra modern ones with all emission norms and laced with compulsory airbags only allowed. All rest cars scrapped. No tole taxes would be applicable in the city and all taxes deducted automatically annually from car linked credit card. Speeding tickets too would be charged automatically to the card by computerized cameras.

Now for this to happen existing structures had to be burnt down and ample funds were needed to make this dream city. Schools and hospitals too were to be constructed of world class facility. Recreational centers, shopping malls etc. too would be erected for the public benefits. 

Now this would be surely envy of the world. 

Booking to this city may start once the chief minister of Bihar gets my idea implant on this head. 

Now this city of Patna bears the heritage of being the grand capital of India as golden bird with its boundaries running up to central China. I am proud of my heritage and would do anything to revamp and make it a better place. 

This post has been penned for Tata motors. 


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  1. From.Pataliputra to Patna...a brilliant concept and sure we are proud of our rich heritage and would go to any extent to bring back the glory of yester years!


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