Posted by : RioZee Monday, January 2, 2017

2nd January and it is a foggy morning today. I got up with a little heavy head and getting tea in bed could be the thing I desired the most and I got one without asking as my dear is very prompt at that.

Sipping tea as I surfed the whatsapp messages, I saw one quote, "cry at your troubles and they will double, laugh at your trouble and it disappears like bubble." Mind was trying it's best to put that piece of info in head but it kept getting rejected firmly by my stealth brain. 
I couldn't eaven dream of calling my trouble as trouble without the risk of getting hit on head, let alone laugh at it.

Other troubles be it where they are, I try my level best not to poke the "birni ka khota" and only wait for them to resolve by pity of God........, 

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