Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I want pin-drop silence here so that something great could be imparted to you all. As you all are aware, sorry to say, may not be aware that God came in my dreams. Now don't ask me, "which God?" I cannot disclose the name as that God has directed me to keep it strictly confidential. 

God was very much excited at use of loudspeakers to convey his name to arrogant masses. He said he was thinking of bringing them to heaven early and order them to fill each place of heaven with these loudspeakers chanting his name. He said the other people in heaven are taking him for granted and he needed this wonderful device to push of his name in their heads 24*7 without fail. He was looking to reward profusely the ones which had the shrillest tone that could penetrate thickest pinheads. 

Seeing my head bowed down, God immediately understood what was on my mind. He laughingly said, "I know there are many places which are devoid of my name in this world. I will be ordering Modi to send some most talented ones to North Korea to drive my name in their heads. Thereafter they will be called to heaven to do their duty with full diligence."

I bowed down my humble head. 

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  1. That was hilariously sarcastic. Good one Rio :)

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