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A couple went fishing, while the husband was busy fishing the lady reclined reading a book,in the boat.
When his husband returned later, the lady thought of enjoying the lake ,so she took the boat in to the lake.
Dropping the anchor she again engrossed herself in book reading.
A police man on patrol saw her in restricted fishing zone,came up to her and said that she was fishing in restricted zone. The lady said that she was not fishing but just reading a book.
But the officer was adamant that since you have the fishing equipment etc. So I have to charge you and you can put your case up in court.
The lady said its ok with me, but I am charging you for rape,and you can do whatever you want in court.
The officer was perplexed said, lady, I have not even touched you.
The lady said but you have all the equipments gun etc.
The morale of the story : Never argue a lady who reads a lot

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  1. Good one. You have nice photos incorporated.

  2. thanks a lot for your nice comments. it really
    lifts the heart to do better.
    thanks again

  3. how do you get all the mobile pics??Looks beautiful!!

  4. I like the pics on your blog, the animated rain pics! how do u get them, can u tell pls?

    hmm about the story, a little off coloured it was, why only a lady and that too who is reading? why staight away she would say about rape. hmm, didnot gel well with me.

    but keep trying.


  5. I agree with Restless Why a reading lady? It could be anyone. Your pics are mesmerising though! Loved it!

  6. Thanks a lot for sincere comments.
    when one is in a fix,it's presence of mind that comes to the rescue.

  7. I like this story.. And, LOL, of course it has to be a lady sine the conversation is taking to the case of rape.. If it is changed to man, then it might ended up in murder, right? Come on, it is neither the lady nor the reading that matters but the wit of one's mind behind this story.. :)


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