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The atmosphere had a tense pin-drop silence in my living room, since the last one hour both of us sat, facing each other. Dumb founded.
My mind was racing back down the memory lane. Same tense air had prevailed ,with my dad and mom when I had resolutely announced my marriage with my beloved,a divorcee.
I had always loved her ardently since my childhood days. 
Her heart so innocent, I had always dreaded she would fall prey to the scums of the world. She, divorced, shattered and broken hearted, had been crying on my shoulders. I had faced the wrath of my entire family to stand by my beloved.
Slowly she had normalized bit by bit and we were the happiest couple in the neighbor-hood. 
'So, what are your plans,’ my words filled the air and ricocheted in the room.
Again dead silence pursued.
'He has completely changed' a trembling voice murmured with great effort.
I could clearly read her mind. I had known her since last 20 years. Mere thought of the impending peril sent shivers down my heart.
I wasn't bothered least bit about myself, the scum had come to know, she had inherited a whopping 1 million dollars.
How in the hell could I show her to reason.
'One million dollars are your price to freedom' I finally blurted out'
Again stingy silence ensued.
I, a hero, had become a venom filled villain, all of a sudden. This was happening, a reality, and not a film drama.
I had to save my beloved, even if I had to become a don of worst kind.
'I had started loving you, but you were only after my money. You have made it very easy for me, by asking your price. I feel myself very light hearted now' She hurriedly signed a blank check  and stomped out of the house.
I lay still in silence, having hurt my darling angel.
How long, was this going to last?
There was no other way.
If he had really changed then he would accept her without the money.
This would be the best ever gift I could have ever have given my beloved. 'The joy of her heart.'
I pinched myself, to be sure this isn't a dream.
Silence shattered by continuous door bell ringing, I annoyed to the core, answered the door, with full intensions to vent out my anger at the person at the gate.
My beloved stood at the gate, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"I have had enough now, you all men are same scums, running after money, I am going to lead a bachelor life now." she thundered.
I had succeeded in opening her eyes , but the price I paid was heavy.
I, speechless as to where to begin, meekly followed her inside, as she started packing her clothes.
I fumbled for words, but none came out. The rage continued.
I had to stop her anyhow..........
An idea suddenly flashed. The check lay staring at me. I took the new blackberry handset box I had been gifted just today.. ,  
I mustered all the guts and placed the box on top of her briefcase and slipped out of the room hastily.
I stood anxiously waiting with a thumping heart.
I heard the main gate open, I could see her leaving in the car from the window.
I sank heavily on the sofa. 
I don't know since how long my mobile was ringing, the doorbell again forced me to walk up to the gate to open the door.
There stood before me my most stunning beauty clad in the wedding dress, new blackberry shining in her one hand and the check  I had slyly put inside the box, in the other hand.
I can never forget the moment of life time. The world stood still. I could clearly read her mind. The abounding love for me, dancing and making summersaults.  
"All is well that starts well." was the new maxim for me.
 I thanked again and again inside my heart, the 'EX' for at last bringing my love back to me.
"SOCH JO .....................................BANA DE"  

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  1. Your post has a very true ring to it, so unbelievable but still very happen-able.
    Wish You Luck,

  2. Thanks a lot for time and patience shown to read my post and its great feeling you all liked it.
    thanx again.

  3. couldn't find this post in indi..could u post the link?

  4. not sure what happened to my earlier comment..
    it went something like this

    simple, sincere and beautiful post. will promote it:)

  5. many many thanks. you don't know what u have given me.
    my enthusiasm was dying and it has come as a great life saving drug.
    i will never forget it.


  7. This is my first visit here.It is a very interesting post, but I wish it was not so long.

  8. many thanks for honest reviews.

  9. first time i'm in here...

    content is good and i could not digest the way things are organized. i felt that line break was like in poems and definitely its not a poem. and maybe you can put the pics on top somewhere down as we would see at least the main content when landing up on the page...

    otherwise everything fine:)
    great going...

  10. Thanks a lot for honest feed back.
    I will certainly try some changes in organised manner.

  11. Very well written! Never knew this side of you

  12. Good post. I liked the effort you have taken to think different and put it across in the form of an article. Thanks for dropping by my article and commenting regularly. Look forward to be frequent here.

  13. I love this story.. It was direct and honest to the point of what you are trying to bring across. It is neither long nor dis-organised, at least not in my eyes.. Stories are meant to be in such ways.. To give room for thoughts unless of course, it is supposed to be in a book or else, it is the message behind that is important.. Keep it going, okay? You will be seeing me in here often, until maybe you will get 'sick' at the sight of me.. Hahahha

  14. not at all, krislin,
    it really boosts the morale to write,
    thanks for your sparing valuable time.


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