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The Dilemma

I sat frustrated,  on the verge of loosing my girlfriend.  When I had bought this killer phone, a sasta one , made in china , so excited, I was . 
I wanted to show it to all my best friends. 
I received my first set back, when I got first opinion,. Theek hai,
But my second opinion was a little graver  than that. My girlfriend trying to see some features, it hanged. Thank god I was not hanged.
She threw the phone against the wall with such immense force. I thought it better to leave the place immediately.
My budget economical, and to meet the latest dire needs of college life, I needed a best choice, fast , at my rates.

I was window shopping at the mall, looking around, I came through this latest one , Alcatel’s one touch net phone.

 I was excited. First thing it was a reputed brand. Price ,within my limits 5499.
The best thing was internet savvy, sharing pictures on flicker., qwerty key board.
2 megapixel camera, f.m radio, everything I wished ,. yahoo messenger chat. Was also free with the offer of Tata Docomo ,dive in .
This was it. I was fully confident and did not need any reviews on it.
I immediately took a go at it. You can see it dazzling above my friends.
Jealous! Aaaah. I knew it. I have done a black tika on it.

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  1. Hi Pramod,

    Hope your enjoying your new phone :) Thank you very much for your vote on my post for the Share life blogger contest on Indiblogger :)

  2. Hey Pramod, thank u so much for your vote on my post :-) means a lot, thanks!!! I enjoyed reading your post too. I can imagine if a phone 'got hung' while trying to impress a GF, it must be quite embarassing ;-) Btw, lovely lovely song (By the rivers of Babylon)... Is this playing from your blog??? I've heard this so often in my childhood..........

  3. Hmm... that's quite innovative idea mate, are you also participating in the indiblogger contest, just like me.

    Well, i think if you have many, you have a chance to win, too good post and what a blog design, is it wordpress or blogger.

    Well, i participated too!! wanna vote for me.

    And if you would like to read my blog - the url is and I hope we can be blogger buddies.

  4. @ Pallavi, thanks a lot, for the nice comments,.
    this song plays on my blog, i spent one whole day to configure auto play
    this song, my favourite,

  5. @ rakesh, i'll surely visit your blog too, and thanks a lot for invaluable blessings.

  6. Nicely written... Thanks for visiting my blog as well...

  7. thanks, chaitanya, for the wishes.,

  8. So enjoying your new phone? :)
    Nice review in a personalized way! All the best for the contest Pramod.

  9. thanks a lot ,sourav, for the wishes. but yours is great one,


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