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Living a vegetable life, break the shacks friends. Here are three spectacular ways,from a 24 years experienced married man.
1)  "Never say I love you" Looks cheap, clasp her hand and with closed eyes imagine something, and give a meditative look. Feel and understand, if she struggles to pull back her hand ,let go easily, and give a flying kiss. If you  are lucky, and she is charmed, my friend ,you will be enjoying a real eternal kiss of a lifetime.

2) "Never say No" outright, to any demand ,whatsoever.Always use"great idea honey"etc. Who has seen tomorrow.

3) "Never give direct orders" Always praise her skills. thus 'hey darling, how delecious gobhi parantha's you cook. And you will be savouring delecious parantha's at night.  Mission accomplished.

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  1. Thanks a lot Rajesh ,for taking pains to comment here. Welcome.

  2. well written tips..liked them .A meditative look ,never having that ordering tone..makes a woman happy

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  3. great tips...especially the last one!

  4. @ Uma, so nice of you to pay a visit, and nice comments.,
    @nalini, thanks , it surely boosted energy to write.


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