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I was just 22 then, and this chilly December morning in 1986, my prayers were taking longer than usual. Lord Ganesha was busy choosing my bride to be. I too, a true Manorite, was in no hurry and only on his consent picked one chit from the lot, with closed revered eyes.

Verdict had been given. As the fate had it, the girl of my destiny had come to my village that very day with her parents. The interview had been slated at 11A.M. Adorned in my best suit, elegantly had I reached the venue. Truly mesmerized at the first glimpse, I thanked Lord Ganesha profusely. No questions asked, I immediately relieved myself and her of the ordeal by giving bona fide assent. The attributes, true, of a Manorite.

The same very evening engagement ceremony was scheduled. How can I ever forget the sensation that shook me to the core while putting the ring in her ring finger.

 My friends had pushed me into a room and closed the door behind me. There sat my dream, my heart, my life, whom I had met only in the morning, destined to move on the journey of life together, hand in hand. I sat gazing at her face. She sat still like Rati and I of course the Kaam Deo. My mind could clearly hear the deafening sound of my heart beating like a drum, or was it her heart beats. My   Manorite mind fully innocent till date, was preparing, steadfastly advancing, with synchronized mouth and body to imprint an eternal kiss.

Bang, the door flung open and the whole eternity came to a stand-still. Fiery moment had frozen. The wrath of Kaam deo and Rati was sure to befall the intruder, enemy of eternity from that day on………..,

The intruder with all his hair gone is now called -  Kapar-Chilla.

Friends , this post has been written for the indiblogger       Close Up Fire freeze contest.
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