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The day was 4th March in 1988. It was a special day. HOLI, there was something that made it more special. I was in my Sasuraal. My first Holi to be celebrated in my Sasuraal. Whole night I hadn’t slept, just dreaming of coloring the faces of all the Muhaboli Saalies of entire domain of my respected Shvasur Ji. Since it was sasuraal, I had adorned neat attire. I was waiting anxiously for call by my Saala’s to color them all one by one properly.
Suddenly the call came. “Jijja ji, Come out. Everyone is waiting. I, with organic herbal colors in my pockets entered the Scene.
The first glance gave a shock of my life. All the Muhabola saala’s ( Arnold Schwanregger’s  Guru’s) were flocked. They seized on me immediately. Everyone had full proper take. The Aluminium paints, the brass paints, mobil paints, you name it and they had it. What they didn’t know of was herbal colors.
I had asked for it and given amply. Later I asked my beloved, “Dear, Where are the Muhaboli saaliyan gone?” She said with a cunning smile,” All were afraid to come out due to you.”
I said to myself , “What a place full of reverberant Saala’s and Darpok Saaliyan.”
That was my first and of course the last Holi at my Sasuraal. 

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