Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today I heard a disturbing news from my friend in Kolkata which shook my heart.  A love affair in which boy was from rich family and the girl from poor family in the same locality. Their hearts met and this story began.
As is natural in films etc. the rich father tries to dissuade his son from marrying the girl.  The girl says good bye to this heavenly abode by self strangulating herself by the old known best technique by letting her neck go swinging by the dupatta attached to the ceiling fan.  My mind sometimes wonders  on this method of ending one’s life. Why don’t we open mass drives against use of ceiling fans, which are the weapon of 90% suicide cases.
Story doesn’t end here. The lover boy was now haunted by this girl’s spirit. His parents took him to Tarapeeth etc, and tried all they could, but without any result.   Next day this lover boy too was found dead in the same very manner, as  the girl had died.
This happening is just 15 days old. My mind went back to the days of Sir Rabindranath Tagore, when his cousin Kadambari , had committed suicide on being engaged to Mr. Kripalani. As per house records a sum of 52r.s. were spent at that time to hush up the matter.
I remember my son telling of a bizarre incident involving a student in hostel. His batch mate had a glass of some phenyl mixture looking like a juice glass, on the verge of drinking the potion. Suddenly a senior saw it and demanded the drink from him thinking to enjoy the delicious drink himself. The boy strongly refused and in an instant drank it. He started vomiting instantly, was taken to hospital and by God’s grace he was saved.
It’s a nightmare for the families such aggrieved, by their own inability to act judiciously.  

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