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The looks, ravishing, extra ravishing, stunning, extra stunning, spectacular, extra spectacular, killer, extra killer, gorgeous, extra gorgeous, etc…………,etc. whatever way you name them.

The world has worshipped beauty ardently since time immemorial, and I too, follow suit, with all my fervent heart and soul.
We may see immature, extra immature blokes, trying their best to make puns, every now and then, and turn up making extra fool of themselves.

This extra is one word which always fascinates me. We always like and want the extra. God given beauty, but the extra is always the most sought after thing by one and all.
Extra enhancements to beauty, adding extra light to the already lit face. Trying out various intricate ways to add that extra zing.

One may fathom all the encyclopedias of the world looking for the meaning of real beauty. He may even be lucky and roam the world in search of that unfathomable thing, his whole life, without any luck.

My perception of real beauty is very unique in itself and as I glance back into time, I see the sheer foolishness. But that too had an element of real beauty in it.

The beauty of childish, unyielding adamancy to buy a football, immediately, and throwing all tantrums, while my dad was busy with Doctor in hospital with my grandmother’s hipbone broken, at the operation theater. The real beauty to me was that my dad had taken me to the shop, amidst all chaos, and bought the football for me.

Then came up Enid Blyton in my life. Each and every book I read, was a real feast and real beauty. Then later when I happened to read “Madhushaala” by Late sri Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji, my entire brain and heart in unison stamped it the real beauty that entered my innocent life. Then I chanced upon reading “Gitanjali”
By Late Sri Rabindranath Tagore. Oh! What a treat. Real beauty in itself. I remember having read an interesting anecdote realting to Sri Tagore ji. Mahatma Gandhi ji was with him, and was waiting for  him to come out for a walk together. Sri Tagore ji was busy combing his hair over and over again. Mahatma Gandhi ji was restless and asked him why was he so particular on his appearance, when they were going for a simple walk. Sri Rabindranath Tagore ji had replied that when one moves in a crowd people may be offended by unkempt lousy looks. That too was a torture according to his philosophy. My heart salutes the real immemorial beauties.

My list is endless. Every now and then I witness the real beauty. I am standing in a crowded Delhi Metro and this real beauty stands up and offers me his seat. Salutations young man, wherever you are, and may this prompt you to do like this again and again.

The Taj Mahal, what a real beauty. I was completely mesmerized. The beauty of the full moon, My real beauty wife clutching on to my hands with awe. I am not a poet but my heart sang in earnest.

The exquisite food, The Chola and bhatura’s, The masala dosa’s, Sambhar bada’s. etc…, yummy, a real beauty.

My friends might be thinking when will I come to the real real beauties. The Amrapali, Bindumati,Urvashi, Menaka, marlin Monroe, shakira, Britney spears, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Madhuri nene, last but not the least Bela Lohia, etc.etc.  

I know I have missed many in the limitation of space and time and memory, but I wish to narrate one beautiful incidence. I was in the hall of a grand International Jewellary Exhibition with my friends. Scantily clad extra gorgeous, extra stunning models moving hither and thither. I too on their tow, with my two staunch real beauty friends. I sincerely hope they too get to read my sincere real beauty disclosures. I didn’t know the management that had charged 1000 bucks as entry fee to the gala show, had set in  a trap for real beauties like me. There was pit covered meticulously by carpet. My focused heart and mind couldn’t for see the impending catastrophe, and stumbled and fell flat on my nose. What a real beauty it was. Those ravishing damsels rushing to pick me up.  All pain vanished in a jiffy. My two friends always regretted, why didn’t they fall down. So as per my rules there is a multidimensional real beauty in falling down too, Dear Comrades 
I think I have made my perception of real beauty clear by now.

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  1. This one is a beauty. Not just a beauty but extra beauty. :) hillarious read :)

  2. thanks mak, you are real beauty man.

  3. How the way we post is also a beauty..You have given the meaning of real beauty..Cool...


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