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We don’t give a damn, come what may, we like to be carefree and rightfully deserve to pay the price for our negligence.
Water: We drink frugally or amply as the case may be, but carefree again on the germ content, that slowly infects the entire body and we are condemned to take medication for eternity. But we have insured our body, so who cares.
Chlorine has been used to purify water since ages, not because it is safest and best for our health, but because it is the cheapest one available.
An excerpt from a study "We are quite convinced‚ based on this study‚ that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water." Medical College Of Wisconsin‚ Senior Research Team.
”Is this water fit to drink.” It can be, only if one doesn’t get cheated by mega corporates, raking money, in the name of pure water.
All the bona fide treatments ought to be given to the water that is to be gulped inside our system. Reverse Osmosis, U/V, U/F, etc,etc.
I remember in my school days, around the year 1979, a small trivial incident. All boys had gathered beside the swimming pool in the evening (including me).
We were astonished to see the pool water looking purplish red by all the chlorine dumped in. My class batch refused to dip in the medicated pool. The teacher felt humiliated and ordered a Mussolini command. “ All guys take a dip or be ready to face dire consequences at school later.
We were firm in our resolve, “what a wonderful moments they were.” My entire batch disobeyed the order.
Later at night study session Hell broke loose. We had asked for it. Thundering teacher addressed us with cane in his hands. All were lined up outside, caned on bums in all enteirty. Then came the most crucial part. Everyone had to complete the whole round of fox- hill,  running with our teacher with cane at the back. Full one hour hilly run.
I wandered off the tract I suppose. It was worth it.

This post is written for a crusade against chlorine,
by  Bejon Misra (consumer activist & founder of The Healthy You Foundation) in the crusade against chlorine. Help consumers ask the right questions before buying a water purifier. 
Friends, this post contending for a contest on Indiblogger, all can take active part in this crusade.

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