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Hey Friends,`
This is my stomach speaketh. It swell dreameth too, lavish lavish, yummy yummy, dreams, which no mind can even think of dreaming. After all it's my revered stomach's free will, and domain.

I wish to illustrate here, that it was the dream of my stomach only, that we see the present ravishing contests of Master chef India tantalizing every brain cell and the hungry, craving, intestines.

This time, revoltingly, my stomach had relapsed into a long dreamy slumber, courtesy the, voracious Indiblogger team .

I was adorned in the heavenly attire, The garland of flawless rubies,shining on my chest,with matching drop shaped rubies drooping down my both ears. A pure silk Dhoti, shining simmering in the cool, cool 14 satellite moons, all focused their rays on me.

Lord Indra, was waiting earnestly to welcome me at the gate of heaven. Though I doubted it to be for me or my beloved  Tilotthama, adorned more graciously than me.

Tilotthama, had warned me over and over, to be patient, and keep the cool, in savoring the enticing heavenly dishes. Hogging was just out of question. I had to be damn careful not to stain my Silk Dhoti of edible narcissus oils, lest face the wrath. I had my full mind on the high alert for any mischievousness directed at my attire by Lord Indra.

 I, the lucky one, and my beloved Tilotthama, the perfect creation of Vishwakarma, which was such a raze, that, when she had circled Lord Shiva, four heads sprouted on his head and Lord Indra had sprouted 1000 eyes, seeing her. It was my  Silver jubilee anniversary and a grande party had been thrown by Lord Indra to mark the auspicious occasion.

We were led to the highest seat, of roses. I couldn't believe my eyes, this was happening with me. A reality.
I could sense the heavy heart of Indra, and all guests assembled. I indeed was lucky, that she loved me adorably, and I too had given my heart to her. These twenty five years had passed like in seconds.

The dances of Rambha, Urvashi, Menoka, started moving the minds of all gathered. I gave fleeting glances at them, though my heart doing "pampe pampei, pampe pampeii' on every beat.

The delicious aroma of delecious vyanjana's (exquisite food) prepared by none other the goddess Annapurna devi, filled every heart with delight.

Goddess Annapurna devi, pic. courtesy google

The feast began, and ended too, filling the stomach with the heavenly cuisine, lusted by the mortals. I had the privilege due to my beloved stomach.

I woke from my deep slumber my stomach had delved me into,just in time to post my piece, for the legends of culinary art.
I can never describe, what all I had savored, not to mention Lord Indra's crooked way by which he had dropped some eloquent saffron filled sweet rasa , on to my precious Dhoti, drooping out of the almond, pista paste jaleibi. I didn't have the power, or I would have bhasmified him with my glance. I dreaded the wrath of Tilotthama, now. How was I to explain her. I know my mortal friends will come to my rescue.


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