Posted by : RioZee Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have taken a 10 day, ten post challenge, courtesy Pooja Pradeep. Today's topic is 10 secrets.

So brace your hearts friends, I am gonna reveal my secrets.

1)  I am a ,......................., ( friends who know me can write any adjective they like, for me here, I have no mind.

2)  I had a girlfriend, for whom I did have severe crush,

3) I cheated in my llb exams, I hope they don't arrest me for that disclosure.

4) I have never smoked in my life.

5) I had never drank any wine or beer etc. till the age of 26, and still till date might have touched da glass maximum 5 times.

6) My friends may have a reversed opinion, but I no care.

7) I think I am addict of blogging,

8) I remember sometime, I may have got carried away to say derogatory remarks for a friend to another one. for which I did regret a lot, as that person went in and told that to my friend. But we still are friends.

9) I never said I love you to my girlfriend, and never touched her hand.

10) I am shrewd at keeping a secret a secret. This you all may be thinking, but think what you may, facts will be facts.

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