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The morning tea is ready, and sipping my tea, the quote by Judge Judy reverberated in my mind.

“The time to change was yesterday; the time to wake up is now.”

My feelings totally coincided with it. The utmost need was to wake up and be the voice of change.

When would we wake-up. Our walking slumber is so precious to us. We fight with anyone who tries to drop a small stone in the placid lake. Our whole system revolts against any raised voices.

Who the hell can change us. It is our birth right, to be, and enjoy what we are.

We are the largest democracy in the world, sporting all the religions of the world. 

We see no harm in killing innocents on road, in the name of religion, in the name of God himself. We feel proud of our acts. We have saved the nation by killing innocents, though he/she may be of any religion whatsoever. We carry on God’s duty. He has entrusted us with the task, and heaven is secured for us.

We like the slumber and any doubting eyes on it will be cruelly taken out.

We have created boundaries, for our own good. We can go to any extent for it. 

Who harps of universal brotherhood there. Eradicate him before he corrupts other minds.

We and our slumber. May God keep us in pure, untouched, virgin  slumber, like he wants us to be.

Accepting bribes is our birth right. 

Who voices against taking bribes, implicate the scoundrel in some false case of bribery to rot in the vicious of  jails.

We really enjoy teasing girls, on roads. Their attitude only is provocative. We are innocent beings. Who can dare stop us.

We will keep on taking dowries. We teach wives lesson by beating them. They deserve it. Any voice against us will be trampled as we trample them.

What if someone is not able to save himself, when we drive under full sway of alcohol. Their upbringing is to blame. They better learn the rules of the road properly. They should have taken safety trainings to save themselves on road from our precarious way of driving.

We will keep on throwing garbage where we like. What if someone slips and breaks his leg, or goes into a coma. We are the reason, they are getting punishments for their sins, and suffer here itself. Little do they know, we have saved them from being fried in the frying pans in hell till eternity.  

We admit man only makes mistakes, we are free to make them, as it is the largest democracy we can boast of. 

Anyone trying to awaken us, will be treated as the enemy of the state. We are happy in our slumber. 

What is this stayfree doing here, with time to change. What do they want now. 

See, my tea cup too, is empty now. 

Who the hell gonna make another cup now. 

Me, who dares talk to me like that.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. It's a ridiculous take on it to hit our minds.

  2. Hehe, I seriously wish this saga continues!
    Morning tea can indeed work wonders :)
    I always would want to wake up, but then they usually are futile efforts!
    The post,very nicely,portrays that rigid mentality of most of us.
    Liked it ! =)

  3. profound thanks Kinara ji,
    Thank goodness, you saw what I was aiming to portray. Really appreciated the valuable insights of an exquisite talent of a versatile reader. *overwhelmed*

  4. Nice.. different tale today. but amidst all the strong words it makes sense.. because as an individual... we rarely see that the change needs to come from us first..but because we are "happy in our slumber" we only talk the talk and not walk the talk.

  5. Thanks Kajal, the quote of judge Judy, inspired me to wake up. rightly said, time to wake up is now. and as you said rightly too, "walk the talk" very inspiring words.


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