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The sun has started to rise on the horizon, and I am ready with my tea cups. The first sip of refreshing tea opened up the pores of mind.
My mind took me to the famous sher of Mirza Ghalib “umra bhar ghalib, yehi bhool karta raha, dhool chehre pe thi, aaina saaf karta raha” ( whole life ghalib kept on making the same mistake, Dust was on the face, and he kept on cleaning the mirror.)
People keep on making the same mistake on and on. Even small step to change brings in great results. But we are used to set patterns. Big big talks on change make mind at ease, and cleans up the mirror a bit. We are clever enough not to touch our faces to clear even a spec of dust.
We can give on untiring lectures on non acceptance of dowry, but readily accept it when time comes.
We are very clever to demand for equal rights for women, but in practice make it as an excuse, not to let them have a ladies first in long queues at counters. I have myself seen it at many places where ladies too have to stand in the same tiring line. We all know what equal rights are meted to the women in practice.
We see banana skins lying at railwaystation platforms and know, in a hurry anyone can slip on it to book a straight non-stop ticket to hell, but no one cares to pick it up and throwing it in a dust-bin. This reminded me of a fall I had faced head on, at Barauni jn. Station, while in a hurry to board the train.
Friends can laugh for a minute or two, at my stately fall on a banana skin.

Now coming to the piercing pain. It had taken months for the pain to subside. Only a small percent of people go to the dust-bin to throw waste. 

My mind took me to a recent happening where a man Mr. Lokhande,
had lost his leg slipping on a carelessly thrown banana peel at karjat railway station.
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If everyone carried their daily acts with care, it would become heaven in seconds, but we are busy cleaning the mirrors. Nothing can come of it.

We see raggings happening, but we turn blind eye.

We see stray dogs, and bulls, on road and go on our way.  

This reminded me of the occasion a man going to a friend’s house nearing night, was chased by a stray dog. 
Running for life he luckily saw a stone and stooped to pick it up, to save himself, but the stone was stuck to the ground. Poor fellow remarked,

“such insane people live here, they have left the dogs open and tied the stones.”

We keep on harping on ill effects of drunk driving, or mobile talks while driving,
but keep on doing it in practice.

Taking the remaining sip of tea, I worried, when will we stop cleaning mirrors and start cleaning our own very faces.

Time had come, and it was a sure Time To Change. It was now or never. Rise up friends. 

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. Thanks Kajal ji, for encouraging comments.

  2. Yeah, the day we change ourselves, the world around us will change.
    Nice post, the saga continues!

  3. thanks ds, for the encouraging comments. yo saga continues.

  4. No one can say it as well as Ghalib. Chinge yourself and you'll change the world, right?

  5. Very strong post, PL. This is very much in line with stayfree's theme.

  6. thanks obsessivemom, perfectly said, we see and pass them as if we didnot see it.change has to begin with each one understanding,they have to change,and change will take place. we have to be more sincere. let the careless in us go for a ride.
    I adore Ghalib saahab.

  7. Thanks @the fool, I too felt as it evolved to be heading in to the nail.
    Your encouraging words on every post are real boosters to my next post.

  8. Well...people are the mend...otherwise we wouldn't be seeing the small percent of people doing their bit. Hopefully, we will have more people moving over to this category, sooner rather than later.

  9. Ramakant ji, rightly said, people are rising and a lot more to be washed and risen.


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