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Today is a special day, and I am very excited. I have prepared many cups of tea. A small group of likeminded intelligent souls, were eager to channelize and enact sincere efforts towards some positive changes, starting from the grass root level. 

Their slumber had been shattered.

I passed the tea cups to them, sitting on a round table. Raising my cup, I requested all friends to raise their cups to toast, for the great change.

Sipping my tea, I thanked mentally the efforts of stayfree for time to change concept which had led to the tea time series and now, I saw some eminent personalities gathered to start with the change process, with all their earnest.
Let me introduce the group gathered here friends. I will not give their names, just their professions, for personal reasons, as they wish no pomp, just sincere work towards change.

1)   Principal of a reputed college

2)   High court Judge

3)   D.I.G. (POLICE)

4)   Women rights Activist

5)   Common man (me)

Principal started the talk : "I do wish to do away with raggings, but no student complains. How the hell can I take action. I see it very tough task."

Me : "I very well know it is very tough, students do not complain, as they do not  want to be labeled sissys. As the principal, you have to devise means to nab culprits red handed on their act. I know it is tough but not impossible, with all the technology advancements. Then the person afflicted will not be blamed and teased by friends later, and will not be target of seniors wrath."

Judge: Pointing towards me, "You have a point there. Guardians too, must watch their wards activities, and any sullen behavior should be kept on watch."

Principal : "This makes some sense. Today itself I will call up meeting of all teachers and staff and take action. To just inform you all, a Professor from Harvard, has consented to enlighten our teachers on teaching classical aspects, and we would be pioneers in best effective career oriented studies."

DIG: "This is really excellent news you have given. It is highly praiseworthy.  
I wish to state that I have asked my team to be on high vigil, and seeing people spitting in public places, make them wash it themselves, with promise to never do it again."

Women rights Activist: aiming towards DIG, "I think, more vigil, should be to nab eave teasers, making nuisance. No women is safe."

Me: Aiming towards the women, "You have a point there, but I strongly feel women should keep handy latest pepper spray’s etc. that are being sold in the market, to counter any assault, by spraying in their eyes. Police active vigil too is need of the hour to see effective change in our area."

DIG: "I assure full cooperation friends. I myself will be taking random checks on roads to see keep my team on the toes."

Women: "I highly appreciate your sincere efforts. We need more officers like you, all over India."

Judge: "I see justice delayed, is justice denied. I will try fastest decisions possible with speedy trials. I think of sending petty criminals to do compulsory social service at old age homes, in addition to the penalties."

Me: "That’s very great idea. Very appreciative change is, the change in our mentality to rise and act now, with even whatsoever  smallest efforts of ours, towards change in  positive direction. I am overwhelmed to see great personalities like you all have left all ego, to have gathered here at the house of a common man like me. I can see the sun, starting to shine in the horizon. I congratulate you all, for show of great heart. I am thankful to you all to have shown such faith in my words."

Everyone left with best wishes in efforts and a strong resolve to Act.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. Very positive post, PL. Wishful thinking, though.

  2. You brought up some interesting stuff... ragging and eve teasing might be fun for some but can cost others their lives. Sure need for change there.

  3. Enjoyed reading once again!
    Its a nice way to symbolize things this way, through different characters!
    Nailed it!:)

  4. nice 1 again ....:) i ws confused after watching dis post ....u hv written so much on dis topic:D...great :) all the best!!

  5. wow! That was a nice read.. All the best for the contest Promod.... your cup of tea should take you places..Very inspiring post.

  6. Thanks Kinara ji, Geeta ji & Kajal, I feel lucky to have great readers like you all. Thanks tonns


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