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My tea cups were  getting some awareness towards change. My mind mused over a picture that I had seen lately. The plethora of messes, and the actions towards their eradication, looked somewhat like the picture below. 
Image courtesy Aap dude hain from facebook

I understand perfectly well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, besides, the thought of Rome took me to the resolve of King Nero of Rome. He wanted to perfect the design of Rome, So he ordered Rome to be burnt down, and rebuild Rome as per exquisite architecture. While Rome was burning King Nero was playing his flute.

The small efforts towards the awakening and our chain would multiply in leaps and bounds. Drinking my tea, my mind took me to the anecdote of Nalanda University of olden India.

Boys who had passed out were free to go, and they left the University premises. It was nearing evening, and there were thorns scattered all over the road. Students, seeing the thorns watched out their steps, and crossed the hurdles to reach towards the town. One student, seeing the thorns, started sweeping away the thorns, from the road. Master came out from hiding, and asked the boy, 

“aren’t you in a hurry, like your friends.”

He said, “Master, It will be dark soon, and some poor passerby may get pricked by them, that’s why I am cleaning the road of thorns.”

Master said, “You have passed out from the university in true sense. Those uncompassionate students will have to stay another session in the University.”

Those thorns had been put on purpose by the master and those students, who had sidetracked thorns, were caught up, and pulled back to the University.

The life has become so fast that people fail to address their old parent’s with nice words even at home. The time is short, and business or work, they are too busy, to just say two three words, like, “Dad, how are you.” This menace is spreading it’s wings, to the extent that men are lured to put their parents in Old age homes.

I remembered an old rich man (mind you) I had met sometime back. He confided, his business was great, and his sons were handling it very well, but he had to sell his gold chain he was wearing to meet some dire needs at home. He couldn’t ask his son for money. I pitied the poor little rich man. This is true and may look atrocious, but it’s a fact.

My tea cup lay empty, and my mind firm with a renewed resolve, towards well- being of parents. 

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. Finally, someone picks up the ugliest leaf from the face of humanity. Or shall I call it a thorn? God bless your cup of tea!

  2. Thanks Umashankar, for great appreciative comments.

  3. This is an excellent musing. Seemed so natural.


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