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It’s a Monday morning, another round of tea, made by me. I hope my tea cups are not getting tad preachy. 
Today I am determined to make this post a light hearted one and no preaching on changes etc. Just pure thoughts, and you all decide on any changes you like to see.
Just me, my tea cup and my thoughts, and of course My beloved readers.

My thoughts have taken me to the time I was on a long journey flight to America with my son. Flight was long and to pass time we were talking. For the first time he had confided of ragging that he had faced in hostel. Seniors had at one time, told his class to form a group of two, and in midnight one student had to put both hands on the ground and another boy would pick up both legs of the boy and make the boys walk on their hands. Hands would become full red. When I said why didn’t you tell me of it, he replied like a matured man, “dad, it would have been of no use, and worsened the matters.”

Then he threw another bombshell, “This was nothing, once we were made to throw slippers at each other with full force, for half an hour at a stretch.”  
I pitied all the hardships he had taken head on and never complained one bit. I dreaded, if only his mother would come to know of it, I was a dead meat. I warned him to never say a word of it, to her mom.

I encouraged him, now that he had faced the hardships, now higher studies in America wouldn’t be of any trouble. Then we had discussed of the hopes of higher studies of Kelly School of Business, a premier institute of America.

Indiana University, Bloomington.

image courtesy facebok

We both were completely awed by the campus of the University, where every 15 minutes buses plied free of cost, ferrying students from one class to another.
The party in honor of incoming students, and their parents was one which we both had enjoyed to the helm. Then the ice cream party and all. The speech of the dean too, had been motivating.

Evening, and I and my son, both were sitting outside the premises of a hostel house, where he would have to stay. 
Outgoing senior students were coming out of the hostel, in party dresses. I sensed they must be going for a farewell party. 
Image courtesy
One handsome guy came out dressed in nice pleated skirt, stockings, ladies shoes, a white top, a guitar. Followed by girl in boy’s dress. Both had sat down on the grass in front of us, facing each other in a romantic state.

The real boy, with the guitar had slowly started bringing out a melodious tune from the guitar. The girl was listening as if each note that left the strings of guitar were grasped by her heart instantly. My heart had never in my life heard such melody live.

The only worry that circled the mind was of my son. I couldn’t imagine him in a skirt. I stood at point of no return.
Then I had seen a student of Delhi, who had become friends with my son, coming down the road in just shorts and nothing on top, bare chested. I mused how fast he had adapted in a day.

My tea cup lay empty, but I leave it up to the readers to read and look for some changes if needed  in our education system.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. nice post!
    "The only worry that circled the mind was of my son. I couldn’t imagine him in a skirt." had me LOLing.. :-D

  2. Thanks santuonline, for appreciative comments, *privileged*

  3. LOL! Great post.Had me laughing and smiling a lot! :)

  4. welcome jen.., thanks for the appreciation.

  5. Interesting post. Loved reading it. Could not find the changes though.

  6. @ the fool, changes I asked readers to look for them in the post. Any thing they like.

  7. A funny take on the vicious issue of ragging!! Its a very serious issue and needs to be tackled.


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