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I am on to my tenth day of my Tea cups changes saga.
I must firstly honor all my friends, who have been a constant source of inspiration without which I wouldn’t have been able to pen them down. I only hope, some day we will be really sipping tea together, prepared by me of course.

Today, as usual, the tea sip filled my heart with a new rejuvenated energy.

My mind took me to the saga “Because mother in law too was a daughter in law at a time”. I pity, 90% of Indian mother in laws are at cold war with their daughter in law. That is mother in law always have all ears at what her new entrant to the house the beloved daughter in law is talking over phone. Even one word that catches her ear sets her mind fuming, “she must be saying something rubbish about my family only.” Likewise daughter in law too is more clever than her counterpart. She fancies and assumes too many unsaid things.

The beginning days to adjust go down the drain, because one simple said word is interpreted in venomous ways. My friend who confided in me his family troubles, always got my golden words of advice to keep his family united.

My feelings that goes into the root of it see them as an attempt of mother in law to keep his son in his command, and the new entrant to the family, taking away his son into her full beck and call command annoys her. Hence the friction starts. With the onset of education matters and ideology has changed a lot, but still, a lot broader mind perspective is the need of the hour. Matter worsens if the daughter in law talks a lot with her real mother at her home. She is influenced a lot by her mother and if she is ill advised, again friction of high order builds up. 

Husbands, in turn, if are too possessive of their parents,and act as puppet to their parents, again it brings in trouble. 
Our beloved daughter in law, never misses any opportunity of a lashing on her husband or mother in law. 

One minor instance which I remember reading somewhere. Husband is infuriated over a small stone coming up in rice. Mother in law howls at her daughter in law, “ God has given so big-big eyes to you, can’t you pick those properly while making food”.
Daughter in law is not to be out done, she hollers back, “ your son has strong teeth, always gnashing at me, like you, you both can easily crush one or two stones  with your teeth.”

If the word fight goes long to a point of no return, both mother in law and daughter in law start crying, saying their fate is only cracked. No one is to blame.   

My mind reflected on a news, that had found a place in news paper in Bihar. The girl had been married and her friends were asking the groom, how he will keep their beloved friend. The husband had blurted "just as my mom, dad wants".
Hearing this puppet, the bride had refused to go with the husband, saying to go with his mom and dad only. The marriage was finished the first very day, by one simple statement. No one was able to show reason to the girl, and the convoy of Baraatis, returned without the bride. I still feel, had she done the right thing. God only knows.    

Slowly sipping the tea my mind took me to the  love marriage news, carrying all the leading newspapers of Bihar. Amrita Kumari, knew how to swim, and the brave girl swam the whole night, before turning unconscious, was miraculously saved by some fishermen. She had been thrown into raging ganges river over Patna bridge, by her husband and his uncle,

image courtesy India Today news

Patna: When Amrita Kumari married the love of her life against her parents' wishes, little did she know that her decision would propel her close to a death trap within two years.

The 25-year-old was thrown into the Ganga in Patna by her husband because he wanted to get another wife. But she survived to tell the tale of horror by swimming through the night for nearly 10 hours in the turbulent river.

Amrita was taken to the Mahatma Gandhi Setu river bridge on the Patna-Hajipur highway in a car at around 8 pm on Wednesday by her husband Adarsh Kumar Singh. His uncle and one of his friends also acoompanied them. She alleged that they lifted her and pushed her into the river from there.

She was found by fishermen the next morning near Rasoolpur ghat under the Patori police station of Samastipur district, about 50 km downstream from the bridge.

News courtesy msn news.

We see millions of news like this, and let them pass, but never do we see the icon  leaders fighting for changes and safety for women. They are too busy handling the corruption and when time comes saving themselves in salwar suits and kameez in the guise of a lady. These type of harrowing atrocities on women just find a place in news for a day and then forgotten. 

I wish to strongly emphasize the need for change, the strong unanimous voice for the welfare and safety of women and crimes on them considered of a hienous order and carry strongest of punishments to the perpetrators.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. Very very thoughtful post..I love your "chai" series.

  2. You posts are increasingly becoming fun to read. Especially liked the first part of the post. So true. My mother was a true blood feminist like some of these bloggers we see around. And you should see how she changed stripes after she became a mother-in-law. One of her favorite statement was 'It is unfortunate to be parents of a son.'

  3. @the fool, really flattered I am, with such encouraging comments. while reading again my post, I just saw an important news had missed it's place in my post.added it

  4. gud 1 my post also dedicated to crime against women!!!


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