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That last night, on the long journey flight I, simply couldn’t believe myself, this was happening with me

This was the nut, how could I forget, who had slit his hand, just to hear "I love you" from me.
I saw him coolly enjoying the music, on the seat in front of me.
Oh how I had wished, to strangle him, with my own bare hands.

My mind which had cared only for my duties eccentrically , now was revolving in top gear to show reason to this scoundrel of the top order.

My mind wondered, it looked just yesterday, I lay cuddled with him, on
my honeymoon trip.
I had shuddered with the mere thought.

The heart had paid the price. And that too very heavily.
I was off to relax and enjoy, and this measle ,always a spoilsport , was here again.

I had overheard his talks with the man sitting next to him,
"You see, this lady sitting at the back so resembles my ex-wife, that the first look at her gave me the creeps, that moron, doesn't have the time in the world for any enjoyment trip, just duty and duty, that’s all.”

This was enough, calling me a moron,
My mind couldn't take it anymore.

I had just wanted to get up and give him a piece of my mind, but somehow restrained myself, he hadn’t said anything to me directly. I had just kept mum, to just listen more adjectives he would adorn me with.
The stranger, let's call him" x"here, had blurted
"My friend, very sorry to hear of it, dude, but every women is like that. No time for their husbands. Busy with all the other works in the world.”

My ears had fully tuned to their conversation, straining away, not to miss on a single word.
Nut had Sighed heavily,
“How much crush I had on her, to even think of it, see,”

He was showing his wrist to "x"

“I had struggled for life in hospital for three days,"

X" had exclaimed,
“Whoa, man you are a damn lover man. Tell me more, I also loved a girl like mad, but never had the gut to express myself even. When she came to know of it from my friend, it had been too late.”
Nut had said – “Man, thank god dude you were saved.”

“Tea or coffee ma'am” , my attention was diverted, by the call of the hostess.

I had indicated towards coffee mug silently, as I was afraid he would recognize my voice instantly. After all we had lived together for four full years.

My full mind at the front seat ramblings, I slowly sipped my coffee.

Nut had continued saying, “The more I want to forget her, the more it's impossible. After my divorce, now I regret how criminal I had been in my demands, never tried to see her point of view. Always wanting my way.”

I had begun to like it.

X" had chirped in- “you haven't married again”

Nut had said sadly, “I can never my friend, I 'll die but never marry again, My mind intraposes her image on every lady I see. My life is a living hell.”

X" had said, as if understanding him – “I know, I wonder my sandy, how her life is getting along.”

My mind had fully perked up.
But my heart, had begun to pity the poor nut.

I had remembered the way he had reacted, when due to an important assignment I had to cancel my trip to Hawaii.
I had shuddered at the thought.

Nut had continued – “Mine was a workaholic. All the priorities started and ended at the stupid job of hers”

X had said, trying to be of help, “what work do you do”.

Nut had said, - “what work, I am born to enjoy life”.

He had clearly expressed himself.

A good for nothing guy, I had chuckled to myself.

I had wondered he should have swindled all money he had inherited by now.

Nut had said- “how I wish to see my cherry in my arms again but ....;.....

X"had said – “why don't you go to her man , if you miss her so much.”

Nut had said- “I can never dare , man , she's gonna kill me, for all that I had done to her.”

This had reminded me of the trauma, He was right. If only I had had any weapon of mass destruction in hand at that moment , he wouldn't be here. And I too would be in jail.

I had seen his undying love, after 15 years of breakup and my heart was shaking, should I , should I !

I had slowly risen , firmly resolved , had asked mr. X go to my seat, and had said to him in a bold firm tone,

“What do you want.”

Nut had shot up perplexed- “I, I , what the heck are you doing on this flight”

I had sent in the blow “Well , I think I am changing a bit now, for my dear husband.”

Nut had said with depressed heavy heart ,”So you did find another nut after all, I am pleased for you.”

I had to do it. The mental torment I had been through.

“Oh yea, a passionate lover he is,”

Nut had interrupted abruptly "please leave it.”

I had said “why leave it. He is so wonderful pet, he does as told, a lamb.”

Nut had said indignantly,” I 'll kill that lamb of yours if I hear one more word of him. You know me very well”.

I had known very well, but I couldn't let this golden opportunity go down the drain, “he accommodates so well, I told him to go before me, and keep all arrangements ready, he gladly obliged. Not like you. And he will be at airport to receive me.”

Nut had put his hand on his ears : “It's good. He is going to have it from me at the airport itself.”

I just imagined the fate of any poor man I could shake hands with, at the airport.
But I had loved him too dearly, and hadn’t married. The morning had set in, and we were landing at the airport.

Now, I have narrated word by word, what had transpired, THAT LAST NIGHT. Now if you vote a reunion, I can think of a remarriage to the Nut. So, awaiting your express views friends.

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  1. Hey Pramodji, very nicely written.. quite a riveting tale..

    The romantic in me says - Reunion - but the sadist me craves for a new character in Nut's life at the airport who is better than the ex-wife, n the ex-wife gets jealous for her...

    then the story can go forward.... :)

  2. @R-A-J, great beginning envisioned, thanks for your precious views.

  3. wow! you can write and how... love it. Nice use and play of words.

  4. Thanks kajal ji, for wonderful comments, This post was written in 20 minutes, without thinking much, trouble happens when I stress a lot to write well, it turns out no good.

  5. Great and absorbing tale. Loved reading it

  6. Thanks sunbyanyname, *privileged*

  7. Nice and simple story, PL. This is something I have never tried yet - narrating a story as female first person. Really brave of you to attempt that.

  8. Hmm! If you have left nut for some reason, don't live him with again unless there is a good reason!! Otherwise it would be the same trap!!

    BTW, how can people afford to take flight when they are doing nothing? Flights are not that cheap!!

  9. Awesome tale. But i don't see a reunion, given the facts that she is still a workaholic and him still enjoying life. Don't you think it would be difficult for both of them if they gettogrther again?
    May be the lonliness might let them come close for sometime, but when the reality sinks in, they might start to seperate again.
    Agree with r-a-j too.

    Let me tell you again that it is an awesomish tale, given the fact that it was scribbled in such a less time. Well done pal.

  10. aativas, Thanks for your precious inputs. very intelligent and worth brooding upon. this nut, as I had mentioned did nothing, but had inherited grand wealth.
    Appreciated your frank worth noting views.

  11. Mak, I really loved your deep rooted sane views of life. Really a gem of an ideology. re union after 15 years of separation should have real strong footed reasons for union or else it would be a havoc. very brilliant approach. Thanks for your clear views.

  12. Shilpa. thanks tonns for the appreciation

  13. The Fool, It was due to your inspiration that I penned a small take in a hurry. I feel now, seeing such great appreciation here, feel I should have chipped in a lot earlier. really upbeat I am over my small post getting valuable views.
    Thanks tonns, for all the valuable guidance and support.

  14. I totally agree with Mak. Sometimes just love is not enough to spend the rest of your lives together. There has to be some sort of mutual compatibility too. The reason for their break off still exists. So a reunion wouldn't last very long.

  15. The characters really seem to be nuts here. Thank goodness you haven't ended it with a re-union. :)

  16. @ Chicky, this is heading towards a separated state, unanimous decision. This story was penned on a divorce case decision day, a close acquaintance of mine some 10 years back, when I was in patna. I met the girl on that guy's behalf, and the brave girl had clearly denied any reunion. I still pity the guy, both are really unmarried still. I had met the girl's uncle too, and he had said plainly "I do not interfere in any decision of her. you can talk to her, if she wants, he has no objections. Fate cannot be changed. Alas!

  17. [I]high, hehehe, They are not united, though I had tried to, some years back, girl had blatantly refused, in a real event. I thought getting second opinion here would be good. Thanks for the thumbs up.

  18. Not bad for a reunion...:) But if heart says otherwise...:)

    Sometimes, we realized we love a person after being estranged for so many years and putting their acts together could make a big difference...:)

    Wonderfully written story!

  19. I don't know. I personally think a broken relationship should not be reignited if the cause is irreconcilable differences in traits.

    Anyway, all the best for BAT!

  20. Thanks Amity for sincere views. *privileged*
    Thanks Enchanta, *honored*

  21. As for the reunion, I think reunion cannot be just by chance, like accidentally meeting in an airplane. There has to be desperation from both the parties. Otherwise, the reunion might not last.
    Nice take on the topic...

  22. Welcome Vikram, Thanks for the absorbed read and sincere views. I too feel, more affirmative acts are necessary for a reunion. Thanks.

  23. nice one bro :)
    from the eyes of a wife :D \m/
    ATB to you :)

  24. Shankar, great to see you here, thanks tonns for appreciation. hope to see you more often.

  25. Aha!

    Okay, the story is good. Kept me hooked till the end.

    But - I think you can work on your formatting skills... that could have made your post even better. The idea is to be neat and smooth for readers :)

    Also - this twitter bird is a bit irritating.
    Please don't take any offense... I am trying to be constructive here.

    The plot your chose was nice. I liked reading the post.

  26. Kshitij, welcome to my musings, 1) twitter bird removed, one more friend arvind ji had commented of it.
    2) my formatt skills are nil :(, though i am eager to learn more of it.
    3)thanks tonns for the appreciation, really boosted to write more.

  27. I loved your narration a lot Pramodji.. The story is too good.. Overall loved it so much...

  28. very well narrated...amy be insomee cases it happens thatlost love reignites in circumstances

  29. I always believe the past should not be brought up again unless it is only to understand it and learn from it. Otherwise, the story was well written. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  30. @ MV - Hey - you can work on the formatting easily. Before posting, just click the preview link and view how the post will look like. One tip will be to neatly chunk your text in paras. Leave consistent line space between paras. You just have to make it look neat :) Keep up the good job.


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