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This took me back to a year 1986 November, morning. A girl from neighboring village, had come to my village for some function. His parents had politely asked my dad, if he could arrange for a meet up.
My mom and dad wanted my green signal for marriage to her. This was the first girl I would see, and three proposals were pending date approval. Those days were slow bullock cart days, with no mobiles, email, gtalk etc.
I said I will marry only after three four years, so no point in harassing anyone, but, everyone were pressurizing me, to wear the turban of marriage. 
Then, it was decided that let Lord Ganesha choose my bride. It was decided to put four chits folded in front of the lord, and in one chit it was written "I will marry after four years". I had closed my eyes and picked the chit in the lord’s name,wishing with all my might that four years grace be granted.

Alas! It came to be the chit of the girl I was slated to see, I said, I will try another time, and again it came to the same girl. Four times I tried and all the times the same name chit came up. Taking it to be some destiny in the making I set off to see the girl. 

 So I adorned in my best attire, met the girl at my friends place. I was a chocolate boy of 22 years of age, Not in any relationships, All fresh from college, and mind you, had graduated commerce, with flying colors, if you can call second div. as flying, because I still wonder, which god had helped me pass. I wondered if I had saturated my grant of wishes, by just asking the lord to pass me in my exams. Had I known, I could have only one wish in a year, I wouldn't have asked for a pass wish and fail happily. but now, with every step I was nearing my destiny.  

I reached the house where the precious Gem gal awaited me, with palpitating heart. But my heart was palpitating more faster, because I wasn’t prepared. One can understand the situation. My age was a tender 22, not an expert in analysis, like @ The Fool’s Bride hunt. I just wanted to finish the ordeal fast. I was more nervous than the girl, to be frank, sweat on my forehead was clearly visible, in the cold month of November. She came in the room where I had been seated, adorned in heavy saree, her face so cute and innocent, that I pitied any hurt on her. I sensed she could faint with nervousness any moment. I asked just one silly question, “what is your name?”
She tried to speak out her name, but due to nervousness, sound didn’t come out. I felt the foolishness in my question, but my nervousness too was a cause of concern. Her father told her to speak loudly, then audible words came out.
My sister then asked one or two questions on her school and all, then I eager to lighten the tense atmosphere, I said when everything is decided, do not pester her more. It’s okay with me and I hereby agree to wear the turban. Same evening we had the engagement ceremony, with all pomp and glory.

This I have penned on a challenge given by poojaPradeep at captain Awesome's thread at Indiblogger.

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  1. That was such a straightforward and sweet account. No jhing jhang no drama - simply I pick a chit, I see you, I like you, we get married.
    :-D.. Very sweet.

  2. Wow :D. Just awesome PL JHI :) :D.
    Lovely story :D.
    Was really good to know :)

  3. @obsessivemom, Those days were very simple,and village life was more simplistic. I remember sending letters to her by special messenger after engagement, and the carrier of letter , my staff, used to enjoy a feast at my father in law's house. he used to ask me daily, sir, do you want to send something today.

  4. aww.. I can imagine your wife's nervousness and I am sure you must have been equally scared. Hope she readds this :)

  5. Thanks Kajal ji, I didn't post the pics, If one see's them clear picture could emerge.

  6. Love at first sight? And you haven't regretted it even once! Those days of innocence, don't we all miss them.

  7. Yes Purba ji, I feel myself the luckiest one, in these matters, and the grace of god too, is what I feel way too much on me. All I deduced from this was that Lord Ganesha was eager to marry himself, as per the scriptures, and I had gone to wrong god for grace need of 4 years. He had cheated his bro. kartikeyan,and taken rounds of his mom dad and got married. So, the chits, and all, he just saw the nearest gal, and okayed it. but, his choice is one of a kind. I am at ease with my computer, and all.

  8. That is a really sweet story, PL. Well penned.

  9. that's a sweet and honest post :), liked it. ur graduation story just reminded me of how i finished my graduation with flying colors :)

    ur comment section is quite complicated. i guess i lost one comment in the past due to my ignorance :D

  10. debajyoti, It's my badluck, I lost a tad great many comments, due to a different box i had of intense debate, all earlire ones are gone. now I think it's sorted out.
    Thanks a ton for valuable comments.

  11. Thanks @the fool, for great comments.

  12. ...and they lived happily every after- Nice:-)

  13. Thanks Sussh ji, In reality, yes, it was a happy beginning


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