Posted by : RioZee Friday, May 18, 2012

A tweet by shariv67
We were without phone, TV and internet access for a few hours today. It was terrifying because I almost got some work done.

This tweet led me into action.

I had been postponing to write a contest post, not because I was busier than Warren Buffet, but the whole work schedule went on in a routine manner and I had been so much accustomed with my mobile internet chats, enjoying funny jokes on facebook and tweets, games, that time flied away.

Clock ticks 11:28 right now and basically I am sprucing up my writing skills to finish my tale of wonder on time.

My day begins at 6 a.m. and I climb the stairs of my house on the roof for a BMW ride as my most friends at indie are aware of. This is not a car ride, it is short form of BRISK MORNING WALK.

My ear phones plugged to my ears, music filling my ears, taking brisk rounds at the roof, my chats too running simultaneously with my indie buddies.

All fresh and energized, at 7 a.m. I get down and fresh steaming hot tea awaits me.
I don’t have to say that the phone goes with me to the toilet.  One is free to assume anything, no comments on that.

After all the bath and all, I reach the shop with my phone.

Time is running at jet speed. 11:39, come on . I have to be more fast, otherwise my work too might get the tweet branding of getting work almost done.

I will be little fast here. My mom, wife, dad, all have complained to me “what you see into your mobile and keep giving smiles every now and then. People will think you are mad."

But I never care. I enjoy my chats, my jokes my tweets, my games and  Work too gets done along with it.

Internet is not only fun, it’s super dooper fun on mobile.
Time constraint is killing. I will close my blabbers now.   

This has been penned for the Internet is fun contest at indiblogger by Vodafone  

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  1. Couldn't stop smiling. A fresh cute little post. Good luck for the contest and BMW... lol

  2. Right said...after using Internet on Phone we cant live without wonder Internet is fun :) All the best !


  3. Crisp... loved the BMW reference! :)

  4. Very nice, PL. Nice to see tea coming in once again.

  5. Thanks a lot Abhuday,Jaish, uma and Arvind ji.

  6. A different idea , enjoyed the read!

  7. Thanks specs for boosting spirit comment.

  8. the phone is no more a luxury or an accessory..its become a need! good post.. all the best for the contest..


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