Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My mind fully soaked in presoaked thoughts, the billboard soak no more, shining in rain water, and the daily routine of neighbor soaking away all clothes every night in water for super wash.
My mind in a maze over the utility and mind’s inability to accept changing innovations.
My thoughts were shattered by ringing phone:
Talk went thus:
Son :"Dad, you are enjoying tea I suppose."

Me : Just finished the cup, in balcony, enjoying the lovely rain soaking the earth with it's eternal powers.

Son: "why not, and I am stuck here in a filthy puddle, fully soaked in the smelly sewage."

Me : oh gosh, I told you, leave the classes today as weather...

Son cutting short : just because you said it, now are you happy.

Me : I didn't mean.....

Son : I know you hate my girlfriend, now you can rejoice, she sprained her ankle, as I fell in gutter, now she has vowed to never see me or my wretched bike again.

Me : A little pleased at heart, but expressly : I am sad for you ( inner words I am more than happy for you, nice riddance.)

Son : I know you are dancing at heart
Me: You misread me,

Son: You see dad, now I have found another dream gal, she was so helpful, though she is black, her heart is soaked in gold.

Me: very fast, how on earth...., all dames are falling for you. I hope you are not soaking your armpits with full bottles of axe spray daily.

Son : It is inner charms, you can never understand.

Me : So, she is coming with you.

Son : She wants to see the house, and meet you too.

Me: you haven't proposed, have you?
Son: I couldn't let the golden opportunity go down the drain in the puddle. She is a darling pie. She was gracious enough to accept.

my thoughts soaked in another array of bundles of worry thoughts. No rain could wash my mind of incessant worries. I only hope some day people invent a detergent to wash the brain afresh too. 

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  1. Very interesting read typical of parent child relationships today---am i right?

    1. Thanks Indu ji, for the precious words. you are very right.

  2. Very nice, PL. Very humorously narrated. Is it real life?

  3. This is looking like, it happened really :)

  4. Exquisite! Soaking...puddle...detergent all wrapped in one! And still it has not been linked to Surf Excel contest!! ??
    Crisp piece...a winning piece I should say!!Lovely..

  5. Thanks Panchali ji,I am so overwhelmed. A compliment from a talented writer of your stature. My hearty thanks for the pains to read and comment, I cannot believe my luck.
    thanks again

  6. Panchali ji, linking to surf excel has not been asked, in rules of contest. That's why I didnot link it. They specify it, when they want link to be inserted in post.

  7. Oh, I learned something today, Pramod. Since everyone was giving the link; I thought of doing it as well...
    arghh, there's so much to learn!!:(((
    Thanks for the input...:)


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