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This man is no Bill Gates, neither is he any Warren Buffet, friends,
just a common man, with a limited mind space. It is not a limited
edition privileged mind of conglomerates, that can soak unlimited

This mind that I am alluring to, here, could soak no more, and it
resigned, giving a sinister pathetic stare. Liver had already gone
into a coma being unable to soak no more of the ultra- fine spirits.
Heart wearily tried it's very best to rouse the brain by it's erratic
speeds and skips. Intestines had their own story to tell, trying the
ultimate twists and turns. The kidneys looked extremely helpless,
reduced to size of a peanut, crushed by overtly crushing fat on
all sides.

It looked like yesterday only I saw him inching towards me,
with the resolve and acumen of king Arthur, tilting the body
sideways with legs wide apart. With each sideways body tilt he
inched forward towards me.

I admired his will power that he possessed that kept him going.
He plummetted relaxingly on a big sofa and occupied full space.
He  began his monologue : Doc. I .....,

This was my job to listen and  I was paid handsomely for it.
While parting when he paid the bill and shook hands, I sensed a
different clinging.

I couldn't beleive myself ordering two steaming cups of coffee and
another free tete a tete real session with him. I sat sipping coffee
and ears soaking each word, grasping  word by word the tale
recital, though my ears were little restless to be frank.

The man began : Doc. You know me to be lazy hogger lump, a
burden on earth.

I too had a nice loving wife and a small child once.
One day a girl turned up into my spacious office for a job interview
and I was simply stunned at her beauty. I somehow restricted myself
as I very well knew my boundaries.

I don't know how she availed my number. She  called me up later for
a cup of coffee.
I reluctantly agreed. Her charms swayed in my mind. Over coffee she
led conversation into a sticky conversation and a little later I am a
womanizer scapegoat on every news channel.

I had been stinged without the real sting even. My life fell apart that
very day.
This lady may have earned accolades for her undaunted bravery,
and rejoiced in the fame and glory thus attained.

My wife took the kid and went away to her parents and I tried my
level best to put up my innocence, but in vain.

My mind found some solace in the finest of spirits, it soaked itself
day and night into the glory of the spirits. Since then I lived like a
log of wood.

The quiver in his voice sent pangs in my heart. I had a peculiar
feeling that this may be the last I am seeing of him. I had never
in my life offered any drinks to my patients.
They were here for a treatment and I treated them. That's all.
Any attachment in this patient- doctor relationship was simply
hazardous to my profession, and followed ethics with perfection.
This case was an exception, as my heart started a attachment as
if I wanted to preserve him, do something earnestly for him.
But I knew there was nothing I could do.

I was called in emergency by his servant that he lay unconscious.
I went there, first time to his home.
I checked up to see his pulse.

With his hand in my hand he freed his soul and body lay still,
to be burned like a real log of wood.

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  1. The mix of pain and emotions, and the ending line where you kind of feel liberated is touching.

  2. thanks Saru ji,I was feeling terrible without any feedback.
    thanks again.

  3. Oops this is exactly what we used to bark 'case jaundice hai guru' scene...
    BTW how are you Pramodbabu... we haven't talked for a long time... how was your Diwali? :-)


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