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This post has been written on plot given by The Fool, for  indifiction workshop

The narration is from the auspicious hands of silent lover colleague of her beloved Meghana, whom he adored from innermost heart and understood her silence even.
He never could express his love to her, due to his shy introvert nature, but always wanted the happiness of whole world around her feet.

This story is about Meghana Assefotida, who, always looked forward in life, addressing super challenging tasks with iron fist, and a quaint strangulating smile that baffled the entire staff in the Mega Corporate circle. There was no looking back for her, always striding ahead in leaps. Her intellect and outwit nature had landed her in the most sought after post of Vice-President at the Mega Corporate, with direct accountability to the C.E.O. surpassing the most competitive candidate Mr. Arup.

The challenges were met by her with strong resolve, and the contender Mr. Arup, who had been left at the lower rung, always facilitated her at crucial times. She often wondered at the versatile ability of Mr.Arup.

They both were in their thirties, and both unmarried. Arun had family issues to cope with, so he couldn’t even think on those lines, and for Meghana the goal was just her career.

Her favorite pass time game was an online multi player complex strategically designed game, requiring complex brain cells in full action. She played under an anonymous pseudonym of “Maggu” and none could stand anywhere near her on the battlefield, let alone another anonymous player “Strider”.

Her strategic moves were often countered by Strider and she often imagined who that benevolent man was, the callous strides always forcing her brain to think moves further than 50  moves before striking.

She had started adoring strider in her heart, slowly giving way to his dynamic thinking acumen.

Today she was in deep thinking, for hours together. All work was pending at desk.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Strider was none other, Arup himself. The image of Arup found a much higher stature in her heart, whom she had thought of just another common colleague. She was in a dilemma of sorts. The talent always finds the place it deserves, she thought. How clever of him to have maintained the decorum, along with his tasks. Her mind was fully shaken. With the strong resolve, she lost no time in coming up to the decision with brain and heart in unison. She got up and moved towards the cabin of Mr. Arup, alias Strider to put forward her discreet proposal. The emptiness had to be filled, and sooner the better.

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