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I am a dreamer, not only day dreamer but night dreamer too. 
I went to Melbourne, and how could I come back. How in the name of Satan could I detach my clinging heart and mind from the mesmerizing picturesque heavenly abode. My legs were jammed, and heart heavy as if tonnes of heavymetal has been poured on it.
Mind lashing venom at me for not listening to the sincere advice of travel agent.

My thoughts riveted to the seven Arabs, who were on a trip to Paris in olden days, with Sir Lawrence of Arabia, as he was known for his daunting crusade to help the Arab populace. 
They had never seen fresh water in such abundance and were so infatuated with the bath that they bathed hours and hours in shower at hotel. 
It was another issue when they all were holed up in bathroom locking inside, and Sir Lawrence amazed to see on breaking open door that they had tried all ways to detach the shower to take home along with them, in a hope to enjoy the miraculous bath.

I couldn't even think of taking Melbourne with me, even if I was king Solomon, but surely yes, if I was king Solomon, I could enjoy unlimited stay or make this my heavenly Capital.

Just a dream, no offences friends.

The words fail as I try to say something on my experiences there. The mind, the heart, basked itself in the vast pristine natural beauty. I had been totally engulfed in the vibrant energies abounding in the mesmerizing surroundings. 

I am no poet, but poetry started flowing in the heart.

Friends, it was just wondrous amazing adventure. I am just giving links so that you can get a gist of why I do not want to leave the place in the first place.

Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory Here taste the chocolates of different varieties and surely buy too at factory rates all fresh and yummmy

Friends can explore all at this amazing site of Victoria Tourism.

Indeed my travel agent was perfectly right when he had suggested me to have another full week in Melbourne. Now it was too late. I have to leave for the airport,with my heart, my mind and soul behind in Melbourne itself. and surely 
‘…it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’
 But make sure you take extra leisure time with you.

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  1. Hi Pramod, One thing laudable about this post is that its not too long and dragging...Just the right size to keep the reader engaged and yet you have not missed out any of Melbourne's must sees I suppose. Good Luck

  2. Thanks a lot, Jaish for support and well wishes. I am really overwhelmed.

  3. hahaha!!! by Satan!! this is a cute post.... and the photos are just right! All the best!

  4. I suppose it is easy to take a city along with you... one only needs the fab imagination of Pramod Lohiya! Loved that story of Arabs trying to take the showers... interesting post, though I wish you had gone a bit more...

    All the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

  5. Thanks Arvind ji, I had gone deep into Melbourne, to the point of no return. Now, I understand you wished more elaboration of it on post. That
    I am very sorry, my mind was deep heavy into Melbourne and words would trample the beauty my mind was witnessing.
    thanks tonns for the support and great wishes.


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