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This is me. Let me introduce myself to you all :

I am hair, and I begin my tale. My importance is never understood in this fast slimey world, not until these goddamn heads start to loose me, or to say, start loosing me.
These heads wearily try all they hear, that can make me up on their heads again, spending sporadic amounts of money and time.

Gone are the days, when the air was fresh and pure, and the scented energies from flowers sorrounded me, and I rejoiced every moment.
The present air haunts my very roots, full of various toxic acids. The water itself which used to nurture me is now laced with all sorts of impurities, which crumples my very soul and my ends start splitting and my texture coarsens bit by bit.

No one tries to see where the root cause is, and after much fatigued atempts, accept it as God's wish and move along in life sullenly. I can clearly remember the patronage showered on me in olden days. You all may feel jealous, but now that I have begun my tale I have to tell the truth. Pure milk, yes, I was bathed in bountiful milk, and rose juices. You all may be thinking, why I am boasting all this, it is only to open your eyes until it's too late.
I can see many hoardings boasting of five actions, ten actions in one, etc. etc. on me, but only some are sincere with their work and have been able to come up with real potions that revitalize my being with deeprooted longlasting effects.
A complete industry has come into existence around hair and varius artistic ways, which bewitch and draw and move hearts. Careless heads, loose some grand heads which could have been at their beck and call, for life. 
They get rejected at first sight, When some shortsighted head is drawn, some sophisticated heads do come to their rescue.
 "Arey , gosh, are you out of your precious mind? Just see the hair, "
I pity those heads suffering this syndrome but what else can I do, just pity.

Today I have drawn out my pen to bring to light the dire need to nurture hair.
I remember Anupam Kher, the famous cine artist once commenting on his crusade to stop his head going barren. Some one had told him that milk of a female camel would help regain the loosing pardise and he searched the whole Juhu beach looking for camel milk.
One reckons the importance of a thing only when it goes out of their reach.

A head can be seen with meager two three countable hair, being combed again and again by their owners.
One can have a comb made of gold, studded with diamonds, but what will they comb, if the hair have deserted their heads.
This head on which I stand with my full zeal, deep rooted, utterly satisfied, see an air of aloof happiness today.
A great innovative company, under the brand name of    Dove,   has sent in a package of their latest innovative research, which guarantee repair to the split ended hairs, especially.
The head before applying it on me, is busy reading the fine prints on the container, the process of the potion application.

This I dearly like of this head. It has been very particular, to let me nourish the way their creaters prescribe.
This head surely knows, what rinse completely means. I am completely rid of all chemicals which had done their work and their slight presence on head would have been a nuisance to my growth.

This preperation surely is a dream come true solution.
Not only did it repair the split ends, it bestowed a great silk luster in me.

I hope you all avid readers got the point I wished to drive, if not I will have to use a hammer to nail it perfectly in all your heads too.
Now a little bit of feedback would be very much appreciated.
Just comment below, your feelings. I would be boosted to write more and more.

P.S. All images are courtsey of  google.

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  1. Hahaha...liked hearing the hair.Interesting indeed!
    i spoke on hair too once and i have provided something of my own...a panacea for all hair evils. Would u like to have a look? and

    1. thanks Shivani, i will surely read your story.

  2. Comb made of gold, studded with diamonds! Can I get one? :) Nice post. All the best for the contest. :)

    1. bro, olden days queens vanity bags too were of gold studded with rubies. thanks for the encouragement.


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