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Party party party,

But where is the party and the occasion?

Party word itself sends tremendous lifts to the beleagured mood.

Reminds me of My aged Nana ji telling me about the parties of his times with great pleasure and sadness. Sad because he dearly missed them in this fast moving age.

He used to say the the whole village used to start the preparations of attending the party months in advance. Their party used to last seven days. Now today if one hears seven days off from work, cornermost heart would say, "what a relief, will enjoy a lot". But commitments to deliver and the revolving motion that we have put our bodies and mind in, deters any plan of anyone to come out of the viscious circle for a duration of even a minute.

Now my idea of party will surely be a tribute for my Late Nana Ji, and I hope I will one day surely be throwing such party and persons invited would have just two options, either break off from the viscious circle and enjoy the seven full days, or remain in their circle and pay a non attending fee of 1lakh by cheque.

Party venue would be a secluded one, out of any interference of civilized world. Some what like the big boss house.

The party would mean party in true sense.
The first thing the persons entering the party venue would be stripped off his Mobile and Laptops. I would not be selling their mobiles to cover party expenses, they would be returned safely on their day of return.

Why am I talking of return day before the start of the Party? Silly me.

Before the entrance would be placed ancient Hukkaas, with different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, leechi, mango, and guava. Guests will take in refreshening puff from the flavored hukka of their liking, with slow welcome music (padharo mhare desh) freshening the heart and ears.

Then each guest would be politely requested to bare their feet, and for each guest their would be one expert massager, a male massager for male and for females, a female massager, to give foot massage, with the herbal oils of exquisite sandalwood.

This would take half an hour, and within this process, guests will be served Melon Tango, to refreshen the intestines.

Within this short span every guest's baggages would have been placed in the rooms and one escort would be assigned for each guest, to take them to their rooms, but all would have to be slowly twisting and dancing along with escorts in tow along with them.

Every guest would have a beautician tending to their makeups.

All guests in their best attire would enter the spacious hall. There wouldn't be any buffet system of any sort. No signs or smell of any sort of culiniery delights.

Slow music would be filling the room of marriage songs.

Guests would be all thinking, now what will be churning in their stomachs. A wife of a guest would whisper in her hubby's ears, "I told you not to hog the rotten things in plane, but you have no taste of cowdung even. "

Husband would give back a sheepish grin, looking left and right, if somebody has listened, and quickly to regain posture.

All guests would be seated on chairs and tables, that would be arranged in grand row in semi circular fashion.

Suddenly from out of nowhere a food train with coaches designed for each table, would enter the hall and one compartment would stop at each table. This compartment would contain the elegantly decorated steaming Paneer Darbari, Daal Bukhara, Mirch ka salan, carrot black pepper chutney, kashmir pullao, gobhi matar parantha, potato stuff Naan. Dahi vada, pudina chutney, tamrind chutney, jodhpuri moong dal halwa, kesaria Jalebi, badam burfi, kesaria Rajbhog.

Elegantly dressed attendant would serve the delightful cuisines servings properly and elegantly.

Some guests would be shy , and would be treated with more persuations.

This way the days would pass and on the day of return some guest would be talking among themselves, "i had wanted to bring the kid along. He would have enjoyed immensely, but this intelligent dad of his, was cancelling the trip, but came grudgingly lest he would have to pay up 1 lakh rupees. "
Another guest would be giving intelligent nod, "When we gonna attend such party, god only knows."

Now who all wanna accept invitation to such party, comment your lavish view.

This culiniary journey was inspired by itc kitchens of India, and written for their contest at indiblogger. Here is their link.

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  1. Cool hosting PL... and good luck!!!

  2. Your party is something different with massaging idea
    And your guest would say, "When we gonna attend such party, god only knows." - liked it

  3. Rio send me the invitation, i'm packing my bag :)

    1. Sure shrikanth, I hope you don't endup paying the cancellation charges.

  4. No way Rio, not even a penny gets out of my pocket :)

    But small problem with your rules, only male massager for males ?

    This is racial discrimination Rio :P

    1. Bro. Once you get massaged by man, you will know why this was opted. Delicate hands do not have the powers to massage with perfection.

    2. Some guest would say, leave it, we wanna give massage to them, everything would go haphazard.

    3. Haha can't agree with you more on second point :D

  5. party! party! party!
    nice post Rio


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