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It's me bragging and tablet, I should'nt call it mine, as it has an entity of it's own and I have no desire to anger the tablet, by calling it mine. 
This tablet had it's own very mood, just like me. I would like to read a great e-book, and this tablet enjoyed putting it up on the platter for me, but this devil tablet enjoyed hell lot more by freezing the screen and refusing to turn to next page at any point of time. 

A great old friend of mine came up the other day and upon hearing my woes, tried to help me a little. 
"Why don't you put in the latest driver in the tablet?" 

I took the opportunity to rid myself of this sinister tablet at once. 
"Take it my friend, this tablet needs expert like you to handle it with care."

Luckily my friend seized on the golden opportunity and thanking me left with newly acquired tablet, and what he didn't know was, me thanking him from innermost core of my heart, knowing very well the dynamite he was taking away.

Next day, as I was sipping my evening tea, my dear friend appeared with horrendous look as if he would take out a pistol next to shoot at me point blank.

I nervously motioned him to take seat and relax a bit. He hollered, "take this bitch tablet of yours, And rejoice that you have succeeded in ruining my bloody prestige in front of my junior staff at office as well as my boss,"

I had dreaded something vicious happening, concealing my inner bursts of laugh, bringing out glumness in my voice I asked, "What did this nut do?"

My friend started with full remorse in his voice, "I uploaded best drivers to run this tablet, and made a great slide share presentation, to impress colleagues at office, but this tablet unruly, started a bloody strip tease dance show, and no shutdown button worked. It just completed it's project to ruin me, "

Now, this was really nasty thing to happen to great friend, and all my controls to keep the glum face working, were giving way and any moment a disastrous laugh would burst, making me loose my friend forever. I just held my breath, speaking nothing, holding on to my glumness controls.

To my relief my friend left with a remorseful face, and I stared at the tablet lying at the table. My mind ran amock at the growing pace of tech gizmos and their traits and mistraits.

I felt sorry for the mis-hap of my dear friend, but as I sat thinking, any great tablet of future that I would possess, should have one simple feature to instantly seize the power of the bloody tablet at any instant and restart. When it hangs and all switch off buttons stop working, and taking the battery out of tablet is a muscular task in itself, one simple power cutting switch is utterly necessary feature that I would love utmost in a tablet.

This is inspired by lenovo yoga tablet.

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  1. LOL..your poor friend! Best of luck for the contest :D

  2. Pramod Ji I think you have participated in a contest after so long.. been ages since I saw you on forums too!
    Good luck for contest :)

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