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Slowly Sukar da came back to his senses. I was excited to see him shake a little and slowly open his eyes. 

I was eager to plunge into the mystery of my dream. My heart was telling me to call it quits and go back home and come back in daytime, but the brave in me was saying, "Plunge.....Plunge......, And I did plunge.

Seeing Sukar da's eyes little watery, and myself dying to see what lay ahead in house no. 157, I set myself to hasten things. 

"Let me help you to go to your house Sukar da." I threw in a feeler to see how he reacts.

He scrambled up with my support and we both moved towards the house no. 157. And tea stall owner more than happy to see us leave.

Sukar da opened the gate of house no.157 and reluctantly I went in after him. The whole house was meticulously clean. Inside the room as I set my foot inside I was just amazed to see two pictures hanging on the wall.  Friends it was as if someone had made my painting and hung it there. The second picture I just couldn't beleive my eyes. What a miracle it was. My present wife's picture it was my dear friends and I thought that this must be some insane dream within a dream so I pinched my fingers but alas!

I was now dead sure that Sukar da is someone from past life, but who, and what relation did I have with him. The mystery of 5 lacs too was hovering over my mind.

The tea stall owner's plight I could very well understand now. I just wondered if my wife had come with me, he would have had a heart attack.

Sukar da brought a sword and placed it in my hands. "Somesh, yes, you are Hundred percent Somesh. I have waited too long for your arrival at your house. I knew you would surely come one day. I have been praying to Godess Ma kaali for your return. Now I will die in peace when you will cut my neck off with this sword."

I stood speechless in this home in a weird night like this with a sword in hand and this old man instigating me to cut off his neck and go to jail for cold blooded murder.

I just stood paralyzed unable to think or run away.....,

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  1. Amazing Rio! Chilling :)
    Not only a case of rebirth (that too by the blessings of Maa Kali), but this has mystery & shock element too!
    Cutting off the head with the sword! No, else the secrets will die with him! First, solve the mystery of the money! :)
    Waiting for Part-4 now! I guess that'll be the end!

    1. Thanks tonns Anita, i will try to close the mystery soon enough, but let's see if i am able to stretch upto 10 parts

  2. Oh ! I missed the first two parts and read them now at a stretch. Nice going...the story of reincarnation , revenge and money..all entwined together. Great !

    I must say Rio, your Bengali is quite good and I'm really elated to see Bengali expressions in the story ( being my mother tongue) . Just to mention one thing ( hope you won't mind) ..."eik so satravon junne ke jigyasa kosche"...It should be "ek sho satanno'r jonne ke jigyasha korchhe "

    1. Thanks tonns Maniparna, i completed my grad. At Kolkata and stayed there three years so picked up bengali a little. Since I was curious to learn languages, a bengali friend of mine taught me to read bengali. The mistake you pointed is right. Corrected.

  3. Nice narration of d dream......waiting for the next part :)

  4. I started reading under the impression that this was a true incident but now i am sure it is fiction,but very well constructed.Now set my doubts at rest.
    Apart from this i love your blog you will see me here oftener.

    1. Well, i cannot force anybody to beleive the weird happening. Everyone to his judgement. I am off to see the house no 157 again. My dear wife was actually against my disclosing these things, but I opted for it. God knows if I did the right thing. But some adjectives I did add to make it spicey.

  5. Replies
    1. God knows Indu ji, but many parts more to comeup. Waiting for your precious comments on them.


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