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Valentine day neared and my mind went numb and numberer. All my friends had robust hearts with robuster dates. 

Friends may think I didn't have any but no, not at all. I too had one but it was just a little one sided and this valentine I was all set to make it both sided one. 

I knew I needed the ultimate blessings from Lord Byron, the king of Love. It was a shame for me having a role model like Lord Byron who had dated thousands if I am not wrong and here I lay thinking with all the dates dating someone or the other and poor I left with dates on the calendar

I got up with strong resolve, touched the feet of Lord Byron in the picture and feeling blessed I left my hostel towards the house of my would be valentine. 

As I neared her house, Lord Byron blessing faded inversely with each step. Friends may think my courage would die way and I would be back with my crush crushed but no dear friends. I took out the purse from my back pocket and opened it and lovingly glanced at the picture of Lord Byron strengthening the weakened energies in my body.

My steps grew sturdier and sturdier. Oh gosh!! What was I seeing. What was my crush doing in the balcony. Suddenly my legs had revolted and left leg conniving with the right leg stuck itself into the large gap in the might Amitabh style bell bottom and with great tearing sound I had fallen to the ground. Lord Byron had already fled the scene as if disgraced to have such a bonafide disciple. Without looking up meekly I had returned to my room with mocking Lord Byron.

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My mind needed some sleep for the great thinking ahead. The sleek Lord Byron to implant some unique idea to get the ball rolling. I had woken up startled and satisfied. Why hadn't I thought of this myself. What a jubilant idea had been given by my route illuminator. I had grabbed upon the idea and started upon the "asking my crush on a date this valentine." 

Friends may be puzzled what the idea was and If I say I will tell about it in the next part of my story and they have to wait another week or so, some might turn enemies. So without much further ado I will write all of it in this post itself. All those who do gain by this mighty idea must thank Lord Byron at least if not me. 

The awesome idea was to write an extremely coded letter which none could fathom without the substitution of codes assigned for each letter. After an arduous task the codes had been assigned and a wishful coded love letter drafted. Now placing the letter at the revered feet of picture of Lord Byron and a melodious aarti chantings, "om jai lord Byron deva, tumko nis din dhyaawat, chadhaawat fal aru meva....,,,,,(hail lord Byron, I meditate upon you daily without fail and offer you fruits and dry fruits....,,,..,)

Prayer was long and exhilarating rejuvenating one and can be provided free upon demand by friends in comments section. 

The catch had been to some how throw the coded letter on the balcony wrapped in a stone. If she would be brilliant soul she would guess the codes assigned with her sharp as knife mind. 

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I had built up all the guts to throw the carefully neatly wrapped letter in a big stone on the balcony. Had I chosen a big stone. Was Lord Byron obsolete in Indian context. Should I have chosen some Indian lord of love. God knew better as friends read on with palpitating hearts of my sinister plight. This stone could have gracefully landed onto her cute little hands but no, this stone had an agenda of it's own. It had gathered momentum on the way and like the burning force of a meteorite went in and struck heavily upon the forehead of her mother viciously. 

I had run off hearing the loud shrieks of wailing future MIL to be, only if I wasn't sued for trespassing and things went right with my newly appointed path illuminator, guru RamRaheem.(wink wink.)

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Salient part was that no dog had been injured in writng this post and this post had been written for happy hours contest by close up at indiblogger.

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