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Yes, I was really exhausted and was on the verge of throwing in the towel as the saying goes, but there was something that kept the hopes alive. I could find something soon. The sun was retiring but I had to visit five more houses before I could turn back to my relatives house. A part of my mind told me to just return and put the beleaguered mind to rest before it exploded. But some how I carried on. Just like the heart beats ran without break till the end I too had to catch up with heart. 

As I look back, how can I forget this man. He had said, "journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step and one never knows which step will be the concluding one but all steps have to be taken." The days of the nomads were great. I often thought how great it would be to just wander away hither and thither. But life had an agenda built on my hands since my birth. I had to play the game till the end. I just couldn't back out like a coward. 

Life can work wonders. I remembered a story of a man who was very choosy on food and every time while eating in restaurant complained to the waiter about flimsy cooking of bread. One day he had come in to the restaurant and silently ate whatever was served. The waiter was puzzled to see the catastrophic change in the always complaining customer. He asked when he was done eating if the food had been cooked properly. The man had said that his eyes were opened seeing a beggar on road eating his vomit back and from now on he would never complain however rotten dish was brought up to him.

I had headed towards one last house  on my agenda to have a look at for the day. Though the mind totally battered by enquiries. Which one could be my dream home was nowhere to be seen. Most deals went bust on the monetary issue not coming within the limits. 

The house hunt would be this puzzling I had never thought of it. Then someone told me to look up on web and negotiate directly without brokers. He suggested look up and upon my first visit there my hopes had revived completely. How on earth had I missed this. Age had changed for the better and now seeing the affordable options my mind was relaxed. 

I knew now I had found a goldmine and others that flaunted were all farce offerings with hidden motifs.

I had gotten working upon it. Surfing through the immense database of genuine offerings. The rates too were very very reasonable and now the problem that I was facing that I was being flooded with too many lucrative options and the call was getting tough to decide. I had mused to my wife, "now should we toss a coin to decide."  

We had to decide and we did decide to close the deal. Thanks to the very dearly. Now holi could be celebrated with fervor with the new neighbours. I only hope the friends of mine learn of it and make use of it well.

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