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Together we were. Yes, we were certainly together surfing the web to thrive against all odds, life could pester upon us. This was a survival for the fittest world and we faced with new challenges each day. Yesterday had been the ultimate. Landlord or the landlady to be more precise had interrupted while we were going out of the house in a harshest tone possible, "you waste a lot of water," she had said in a mocking tone, "I have to fill the tank twice."

Mood had gone all berserk with the encounter and we sat together discussing the aftermath. I sometimes pitied at how her poor husband might be faring in his golden house. Everyone couldn't be as clever as the guy who gave the wrong answer to a do or die simple math's question asked by bride at the wedding pulpit. How much is 15+7 ? And our clever camaraderie answered 17, purposefully ridding himself at the start of a overtly enquiring life pattern. Kudos to him. I wondered why didn't mine ask these foolish questions, and I know she wanted a foolish husband to command at will, that's why. Right now we were together deciding on an important task at hand, to move as far away as possible from this ruthless landlady. But no respite was insight as we were stationed here at a cheap rent and finding a similar property within the same expenditure was a task. Were we cursed to hear her ramblings or was there some respite for our woes.

We searched on the web and accidentally hit on and what a surprise it was. We saw plentiful options within our range and priorities. First priority being no landlady within 10 kilometers of the house. We considered even buying one in a tempting monthly emi option. 

How much effort must have gone into designing this marvelous portal I thought to myself. The constant checks to see genuine content came up. Comprehensive data analysis was a gem in itself. Now we had multiple choices to choose from and moreover we could also become landowners thanks to's offerings listed there. My wife was all the more happy to be finding riddance from sinister landlady. How could we thank this for their tremendous bountiful offerings free of cost. People never tend to appreciate free things but I wanted from heart for this housing portal to grow in leaps and bounds. No thanks word was enough for their immaculate services. May they grow and grow and grow and grow into a top notch giant company among the top 500 forbes magazine conglomerates. 

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